November 07, 2010

In Irshad Manji‘s book The Trouble With Islam, she blames a random group of desert fanatics for hijacking Muslim culture and taking it from an intellectual religion of peace to a closed-minded religion of war. Her hypothesis is pretty solid, but you can”€™t help thinking, “€œWhy was their religion so hijackable in the first place?”€ Could Kentucky’s snake-handlers ever convince the rest of America to give a shit about Mark 16’s “€œThey shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them”€ passage?

Controversial Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has a much less groovy explanation: inbreeding. In this (poorly translated) article, Sennels reveals years of research that shows Muslims have been marrying first cousins, like, A LOT. And as we all know from retarded Pharaohs, hideous British monarchs, and curiously violent hillbillies, this practice is bad for more than your teeth. Inbreds tend to be stupider, more violent, less rational, and less likely to evolve. Ring any bells?

Though it’s still the left’s favorite comedy target, you don”€™t really see that many yokels walking around Appalachia barefoot with a shotgun hoping a feuding neighbor doesn”€™t pop out from that holler over yonder. But the Muslim world is filled with shoeless, toothless, inbred, hill-dwelling, rifle-toting, sodomy-prone men ready to kill for a God they’ve never seen. They even have their own Hatfields and McCoys: They”€™re called Sunnis and Shiites.

Sennels estimates that half of the Muslim world is inbred and cites several reasons for the intermarriage tradition. Mostly it’s to preserve the family’s status and keep the money at home, but it’s been going steady for 1,400 years, and like the elephants those Pakistanis refuse to worship, it doesn”€™t forget. You or I could marry our first cousins, and the kid would probably have an extra zit. Do it again and again for 70 generations and the problem gets exponentially worse. Next thing you know, you”€™re believing Sheik Mos”€™ad Anwar‘s story about the guy who gave birth to a ratlike creature after making fun of Islam by sticking a toothpick up his ass. (The video’s been removed but it was a doozy of a sermon, believe me.)

“€œI don”€™t expect this religion of peace to give peace a chance, but would it kill them to at least give scientific data the time of day?”€

Muslim immigrants in Britain obviously don”€™t “€œkeep it in the family”€ as much as their relatives back home, but they”€™re still suffering the consequences. Though Pakistanis comprise a mere 3.4% of Britain’s overall births, they “€œproduce an alarming 30% of the UK’s genetically diseased children.”€ British politicians are calling for intermarriage to be outlawed, arguing the result is a form of child abuse.

Sennels is vilified, but the guy is standing on a mountain of research that is difficult to refute. When his critics hear that the dropout rate among Arab immigrants in Denmark is more than twice that of other immigrants, they claim the problem is cultural, not physical.


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