August 29, 2016

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Last Monday, Trump said he wants to come up with a “€œfair but firm”€ process. In Mexico, they just round up their illegals, put them on a bus, and drive them over the border. We”€™ve let it go too long to do something similar. Attrition has always been the best way to handle the problem. Make it slightly harder to hire illegals and they will go home with their tails between their legs. They already are. The numbers these past few years (though still ridiculous) are less than they”€™ve been in previous years. Trump’s immigration policy has never been as absurd as Mexico’s. It’s been as extreme as America can handle. Which is still quite a bit.

The second example Trump’s detractors keep using as proof he has flip-flopped is a clip from the presidential debates on Fox News back in November. However, if you watch it closely you will discover that once again, Trump never said he could guarantee a deportation of every single illegal immigrant without exception. He simply reiterated that “€œWe are a country of laws”€ and “€œWe need borders.”€ Kasich said getting rid of every single one is “€œnot an adult argument,”€ and Trump never disagreed. He said, “€œWe are going to have to send them back,”€ without specifying how many. The only time he mentioned numbers was to remind the audience that Dwight Eisenhower managed to send 1.5 million illegals back. If Trump gets rid of only 1.5 million, well, then you can gloat. But the issue here isn”€™t whether Trump wants to deport illegals or not, it’s how many he can realistically expect to deport.

On Saturday, Trump blew away this fake controversy by explaining he”€™d be deporting aliens “€œwithin one hour“€ of being elected. He told Fox & Friends, “€œNo, I”€™m not flip-flopping,”€ but the mainstream media wasn”€™t listening because they had already moved on. They just keep throwing shit at the wall without even waiting to see if it sticks. What’s really scary about this is how few voters stick around to see the mess the press leaves behind.

To write him off because he doesn”€™t have superhuman deportation powers is to fall for the DNC’s straw-man argument. He will deport millions of illegals and he will not be giving a free pass to even the most law-abiding ones. Trump at his very worst, at his most amnesty-friendly, is still a million times better than Clinton. As Green Beret Terry Schappert put it, “€œCan”€™t we all just shake hands, admit our candidate is flawed, and then devote all our combined energy to beating Hillary? Is it that hard?”€


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