January 22, 2016

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This is what links Muslims and Mexicans. It’s all about the death of Western chauvinism, literally. If you take out Mexican immigration from American population stats, our population is going down. Politicians and pundits tell us we need this immigration to keep our population afloat, but we”€™re not being enriched with new citizens eager to assimilate. We”€™re being replaced. And we”€™re not being replaced with something better. We”€™re being replaced with something worse. We tried Sharia law 500 years ago. It didn”€™t work. We”€™ve done the whole sacrifice-and-slaughter thing. It’s depressing. There is no good reason to go back there. Islam doesn”€™t seem to have a problem going backwards. They don”€™t mind that Iranian women have gone from miniskirts to burqas and I suspect it’s because they are equally comfortable with inbreeding.

We bring up the Muslims and immigration and secularism and guns and the Constitution and Caitlyn Jenner because it’s all part of the same big mess. When couples started getting fined for not allowing gay weddings into their living room the world saw that this wasn”€™t about loving couples. It was about hating Christians. A good 50 percent of America thinks everything we”€™ve built is ready to be torn down. They want to #EndCapitalism and #KillAllWhiteMen. White women think they”€™re being heroic when they refuse to breed because we need to be wiped out. This has gone from some esoteric rant you”€™d hear the Black Israelites yell, to an academic norm.

When the Tsarnaev brothers detonated their bomb we didn”€™t clench our fists because we were now too scared to go to marathons. We were angry because it was yet another example of the new way replacing the old way with something far worse. Those boys grew up as normal kids, but they were radicalized here because we are such an inclusive culture that we welcome people who hate us. For today’s immigrant youth, it’s much cooler to be pro-jihad than pro-American. A terrorist attack isn”€™t proof that all Muslims are terrorists. It’s yet another example of anti-Western policies hurting us in a real and tangible way. This is why Trump is resonating. He recognizes emotion-driven politics are bad for everyone. Immigration is not a hunky-dory system that helps us get the job done. Multiculturalism isn”€™t our strength. Feminism isn”€™t liberating women. Gun control doesn”€™t prevent crime. That’s why we endorse Trump. He’s not willing to upgrade if the new version is worse. I”€™m reminded of the time a reporter told him not to use “€œanchor baby“€ even though we”€™ve all been using it for decades. Trump asked him what the new word was and the reporter said, “€œThe American-born childs [sic] of undocumented immigrants.”€ Trump harrumphed and said, “€œI”€™ll use the word “€˜anchor baby.”€™”€ We tried our way and it worked.


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