November 16, 2015

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Rather, they are referencing the simple desire for indigenous Europeans to keep Europe culturally and ethnically European. In this context, the left-right continuum involves national borders”€”if you want them erased, you’re left wing, and if you want walls and fences built, you’re not only “right wing,” you’re a “right wing extremist” and a member of the “far right fringes.”

But this begs the question: Why do leftists consider it outright sinister when Europeans wish for Europe to remain European both culturally and ethnically? Isn’t in-group altruism the only way that groups survive, especially when pitted against groups who don’t suffer from self-hatred and who seek to eliminate all competitors?

Of course it is. In this context, a “right-wing extremist” is a European who simply wishes for Europe to remain European. It’s someone who rightly discerns that the scabby hordes of so-called “refugees” flooding into Europe from the Middle East do not come in peace or with the desire to assimilate; they come instead to conquer and destroy. They come with a chip on their shoulder and a score to settle. And they are being used as tools by Europe’s elites to terrify and silence the masses.

In other words, a “right-wing extremist” is someone who feels no need to die and be blotted from history’s pages simply because some sheltered and pampered pansy tells them it’s the right thing to do. It is someone who doesn’t feel compelled to sacrifice their continued cultural and genetic existence on this planet merely to appease some sheltered elitist’s tangled guilt complexes. It’s someone of European descent who sees it as a character defect rather than a virtue to hate oneself.

And if that’s what it means to be “right,” what’s so wrong about it?


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