November 16, 2015

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I’ll believe we have an unbiased media the moment they start using the term “far left” as frequently as they use “far right.” But don’t hold your breath, because you will surely die waiting.

The blood hadn”€™t even dried from Friday night’s carnage in Paris before the major media’s lackeys and lickspittles were issuing dire warnings about a disturbing political trend in Europe. Despite the fact that Islamic extremists spilled gallons of blood Friday night, the media’s respectable class”€”those craven lackeys and lickspittles”€”did not seem in the least bit terrified about Islamic terrorism, but rather about the “€œfar right”€ gaining traction in Europe.

The Paris attacks will strengthen right-wing European groups,” belched Market Watch. “Far-right protests break out across France,” howled the Express. The Daily Mail equated “right-wing protesters” with “anti-Muslim bigots.”

One shouldn”€™t expect any more or less from a media class of paid prostitutes who for generations have sculpted a narrative that blood-and-soil nationalist movements among nonwhites are noble “€œindigenous struggles,”€ whereas precisely the same sort of instincts constitute a toxic burblin’ stew of “€œfar-right extremism”€ when expressed among whites. They follow a script where the primal urge for ethnic survival among nonwhites is righteous and empowering, whereas it’s the heart of human darkness for whites”€”either individually or collectively”€”to exist in any other state besides one of constant apology and retreat.

“€œI’ll believe we have an unbiased media the moment they start using the term ‘far left’ as frequently as they use ‘far right.’”

And then some hairy, holy-rolling Turds of Allah came along and slaughtered 130+ people, many of whom likely had been brainwashed and peer-pressured into believing that “€œxenophobia”€ was a character defect rather than a survival instinct.

France is the birthplace of the very concepts of “left” and “right” as political terms. This false and pitifully reductive dichotomy has had so much staying power that even those who deny the very existence of race and gender seem convinced that the meanings of “left” and “right” are etched in stone.

It doesn’t matter that these political nametags are the very essence of “social constructs.” It matters not that what was called “progressive” 100 years ago would be deemed far-right eugenic quackery these days. It doesn’t matter that “liberal” used to mean the same as what “libertarian” now does, even though the two terms are almost polar opposites nowadays. Simple minds suffer from a hyper-simplistic classification mania, and no amount of persuasion can convince them that there are more than two ways of looking at any given subject.

The way many”€”if not most”€”people speak, one would think it’s impossible for anyone to lean left economically and right culturally, or vice versa, or any other possible combination that transcends the rigid two-dimensional model.

Divvying the entire world up into two neatly sliced watermelon halves”€”one marked “left” and the other “right””€”ignores that we’re not dealing with a simple two-dimensional line segment but rather a 3-D constellation of intersecting line segments that run across an array of spectrums including economics, culture, race, borders, and everything else under the sun.

What has been repeated a gazillion times but has yet to sink into the modern leftist’s soft skull is that at least in cultural terms, Islam is about as “right wing” as it gets. It is intensely “patriarchal” and “homophobic” and “sexist.” The average Muslim manifests far more of the behaviors and attitudes that are routinely condemned as hateful and vile and retrograde when they’re expressed by the purported bigots and xenophobes of the Caucasian right wing.

And yet the average leftist coddles and defends Islam because leftism’s hatred of patriarchy and homophobia and sexism is not nearly as intense as its hatred of all things Western. No matter how right-wing it is at heart, Islam is, at least for the time being, extraordinarily useful to the left.

So when the chattering classes chirp about an ominously looming wave of “right-wing extremism” in Europe, it’s understood that they are not talking about rampant gay-bashing or clit-snipping or slut-shaming in Europe’s Islamic no-go zones.


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