October 24, 2023

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So there used to be a self-described “gay Nazi chef” in Sacramento named Walter Mueller (or as I called him, Emeril Lagassechamber). Back in 2003, during my year off from life as I lived by the beach and did nothing but swim all day and drink all night, I’d monitor his website (out of boredom, mainly). And one day Holocaust denier/white supremacist extraordinaire Michael Hoffman posted a piece about how it’s the duty of all good Aryans to fight for the Palestinian cause.

Mueller’s followers greeted Hoffman’s screed with respectful but cautious “food for thought!” replies.

I decided to prove a theory of mine: that whenever white nationalists and Palestinians try to form an alliance, there’s one surefire way to thwart it.

Under a pseudonym (“Arthur Essen”), I submitted a rebuttal in which I contrasted the amount of land the Palestinians lost to Israel, and the number of displaced Palis, to the amount of land Germans lost after WWII, and the number of displaced ethnic Germans. And it was no contest. In terms of land, expellees, and deaths, German losses massively dwarfed everything the Palestinians experienced.

The 1961 book Germany Reports (the West German government’s 907-page postmortem of the postwar years) details Germany’s postwar population density crisis, and it was unparalleled. The Allies had flattened many cities entirely, and here were 14 million expellees crammed into a nation already struggling to feed and house its people.

“When rightists decide that blacks, Injuns, and Mexicans also deserve a do-over, then maybe I’ll view their pro-Palestinianism as something other than naked Jew-hatred.”

Yet the Germans welcomed the expellees, who, in turn, worked with the singular goal of reestablishing their lives to provide a future for their children. They didn’t sit around in fetid refugee camps plotting revenge against those who expelled them. They didn’t wire their kids as human bombs. They didn’t put their lives on hold until they could reclaim the land they once owned.

Now why, “Essen” asked, should Aryans save a people who won’t do likewise?

You can’t claim there’s a right way if you won’t admit there’s a wrong way. You wanna be a proud Aryan? A mighty Nord? Then admit that your people possess the IQ and love of kin to handle a land-loss/expellee crisis the right way. And don’t white knight for losers who do it the wrong way. To put it in more current terms, if you pride yourself on being civilized enough to get cold McDonald’s fries without shooting the cashier in retaliation, you can’t ally with people who do shoot the cashier, because doing so implies that you’re not better, just different.

And that’s the core tenet of multiculturalism: “not better, just different.”

“Hey, your method of accepting a postwar land-loss—living in open sewers, pining for lost olive trees (every Pali claims their ancestors were olive grove barons. It’s the Pali version of “we wuz kangz”), not holding your Muslim “brothers” accountable for refusing to take you in, and turning your kids into human bombs—is no better or worse than our method of adapting to new circumstances, ensuring the future of our children, helping each other prosper, and being adults about the fact that lost land is the price of war.”

And holy crow, did my Essen “wedge” work! Mueller enthusiastically ran it on his front page for two weeks straight. It unleashed a flood of supportive comments, and skinhead Hoffman went scurrying.

My theory proved correct: Any modern-day Pali/Nazi alliance can be shattered by pointing out that if you really think you’re an übermensch, why go to bat for those who proved incapable of competently handling what your people dealt with so ably?

Okay, that was 2003, just a bored Dave conducting a “social experiment” on a small bunch of marginalized Nazi nobodies. But here we are in 2023, and the right’s lousy with Nazis. And for those of you who think I’m being “hysterical” about the influence of Nick Fuentes, note that a week ago he was feted for seven hours by a political operative funded by the Wilks brothers, who also fund Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire, and Prager U.

The “respectable right” is absolutely looking for ways to mainstream Fuentes and his frog people. If you don’t want it to happen, talk about it now, before it does happen.

Last week one of Charlie Kirk’s TPUSA “influencers” went full ZOG, decrying America as “Zionist Occupied” and Jews as “Jewish-supremacist genocidal oppressors” as she and another TPUSA influencer shared Fuentes Nazi videos. And Charlie Kirk’s response? Basically, “I’ll stay silent like a coward because I don’t want Groypers attacking me again like they did on immigration.”

My exact point from last week: You can’t open the door to Nazibois for help on immigration without them eventually demanding that you accept their bizarre and voter-alienating fetishes.

With many on the far-right joining the left regarding Israel vs. Hamas, my little Essen experiment is more relevant than ever. Let’s not forget that one of the foundational tenets of Western anti-Zionism is, “The superior man shouldn’t win even if his victory would improve the world.” This was spelled out in a 1947 Atlantic piece by Princeton’s W.T. Stace, who explicitly linked keeping Jews from controlling Palestine to keeping whites from prevailing against their lessers. Stace admits that Jews would run Palestine better. They’re smarter, more capable; he acknowledges that. But, he admonishes, betters prevailing over lessers is a historical atrocity that must be ended. Yes, he cedes, whites made better use of North America than Injuns ever could’ve, but whites should not have been allowed to do so (Stace is crystal clear on that point). “Highly civilized people” must never be allowed to dominate “a backward people.” That’s his message, verbatim.

Arab opposition to Israel in the 1940s was religious. But in the West, it was progressive. Just because you’re smarter, better, stronger, you have no right to best an oogabooga on the field of battle.

Today’s rightists love to posture about “the better man won; get over it.” Whites beat the Injuns, so shut up about your “offense” at a football mascot. Blacks were enslaved. Hey, Daquan, your own people sold you out; we owe you nothing for what your ancestors “lost” from 300 years of slavery, Jim Crow, and lynchings. Suck it up, Tyrone; quit dwelling on the past.

Rightists have no patience for blacks who rob and kill for “reparations,” and something tells me that if featherheads started shelling cities to get back thar lah-yund, or if Mexicans shelled Texas to get back what they lost in a war against a superior opponent, rightists would have no tolerance for that shit.

Like welfare blacks living in ignorance and squalor in inner cities, and Injuns living in abysmal poverty on reservations, Gazans are a failed people who lost a war ages ago but can’t accept it. Yet Gazans are egged on in their discontent by an international community that hates seeing people with lighter skin prevail over people with darker skin (the same international community that would cheer blacks in the U.S. for slaughtering whites as “revenge” for slavery).

Palestinians are told, “Keep fighting to get back those olive groves! You lost, but you deserve a do-over.” Many far-rightists seem to be on board with this. And when those rightists decide that blacks, Injuns, and Mexicans also deserve a do-over, then maybe I’ll view their pro-Palestinianism as something other than naked Jew-hatred.

The horrific statistics provided last week by Nigel Farage revealing the stunning level of criminality exhibited by Palestinian “refugees” and their children in Denmark (stats that would make the average LaQuarsha go “Day-yum, they some dangerous-ass muthas”) prove the point: a failed people.

When Iranians fled the Ayatollah, most of ’em settled here, in SoCal (Beverly Hills, specifically). They became doctors, dentists, business owners. Their McMansions skyrocketed my neighborhood’s property values. They lost their homeland soil, but, like postwar Germans, they reacted to the loss by making their children into millionaires instead of bombs.

With Gazans, the elephatwa in the room is that whether Israel blockades them or not, gives them autonomy or not, the losers on that reservation will never stop wanting those olive groves back. If the world community had wanted to do those sad sacks a favor, it would’ve long ago told them, “You lost a war, assholes. It happens; move on.”

I’ll close with Fadia Rafeedie. She’s a Palestinian-American whose parents chose to forget the fucking olive groves and relocate from “occupied Palestine” to the U.S. As a college student at UC Berkeley (BA) and Yale (JD), Rafeedie was a vocal proponent of suicide bombings, terrorism, and the murder of Jews. Then she graduated and got a whole bunch of good jobs. Law clerk to Ronald Gould (Jewww!) of the Ninth Circuit, associate at the law firm of Munger/Tolles (Jewwwwws!), and finally, in-house counsel for Southern California Edison (serving the largest population of Israelis outside Israel).

I reached out to Rafeedie last week to seek her unique perspective on going from radical suicide-bomb enthusiast to counsel for the largest subsidiary of Edison in the U.S. With pro-Hamas law students at Harvard and elsewhere being threatened with “blackballing” by major firms, perhaps her insights, her experience, could demonstrate how someone can go from pro-violence radicalism in their youth to law-abiding, steady jobs working side by side with Jews in their adulthood.

I explained that a few words from her could possibly help the now-jeopardized careers of her fellow Palis who are at risk of being blackballed. She’s a living example of how one can’t necessarily judge a person’s life arc by the passionate statements of their youth.

And she refused any comment.

See, Fadia Rafeedie lost the olive groves and found the good life. Huge house, big family, high-paying corporate gig. She moved on from wanting to blow up Jews to reclaim her holy dirt, and now she’s livin’ large. But she doesn’t want the secret to get out to other Palis that such an arc is possible. She wants “her people” to stay poor and angry. And whereas in her youth she believed that the best way to accomplish that was to call for the death of Jews, today she knows that the best way is for her to stay invisible, to not let “her people” know how well she did by giving up the lost cause.

A failed people, whose few success stories want them to stay a failed people. Whose “Muslim brothers” in other nations want them to stay a failed people, and whose champions from other faiths want them to stay a failed people, addicted to welfare and blindly pursuing olive groves at the expense of their own lives and the lives of their children.

I can’t shed a tear for ’em. It’s a mess, but it ain’t my mess.

And if you’re a rightist who’s obsessed with defending the Palis, well…if you believe that foreign aid money is better spent at home, so’s your “empathy,” Cletus. Help our failed people. Help get justice for the nonwhite folks here who were dominated by their betters.

Groypers for Slavery Reparations!

Make it happen, Fuentes.


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