July 28, 2014

Every time I hear that we live under a “€œpatriarchy,”€ I close my eyes, click my heels, snap my fingers, and wish that it were true. But when I open my eyes, it’s obvious that men in the West are demoralized and in a pitiful state of disarray. Men have very little group consciousness, if any, these days. Conversely, it is quite clear that women are in a state of Peak Hive Mind and will eagerly devour the babies of any female who does not goosestep in lockstep with third-wave grrl-power feminism.

Or maybe it’s already the fourth or fifth wave. It’s hard to keep up. I”€™ve been hoping that sooner or later, one of these waves would have drowned them all. But alas, all my hope seemed in vain.

Then, suddenly, like a herd of silken-maned pink ponies galloping toward me in the distant horizon across great barren salt flats that have been scorched in the war between the sexes, comes a fledgling mini-movement calling itself “€œWomen Against Feminism“€ to give me a fleeting, and perhaps ultimately false, sense of hope for the future of gender relations.

“€œIt is no coincidence that modern feminists embody all of the character traits that cause “€˜misogyny”€™ in the first place.”€

Granted, they ape the same banal sort of “€œplacard selfie activism”€ that infects much of modern online social-justice inanity these days, but I can overlook that for the sake of the message these gals hold on their little handwritten posters:

I don”€™t need feminism because…I”€™m tired to be, as a woman, represented by some hysterical hipster whores.

I don”€™t need feminism because I can hold my own beliefs without an army of angry vaginas backing me.

I don”€™t need feminism because I don”€™t think it’s necessary to belittle an entire gender in the name of equality.

I don”€™t need feminism because our sons are not inherent rapists and our daughters are not perpetual victims.

I don”€™t need feminism because it reinforces the men as agents/women as victims dichotomy.

Why, it’s almost as if I”€™ve died and gone to Muslim paradise!

Howard Bloom’s book The Lucifer Principle goes into great detail describing how social movements that initially claim to merely seek “€œequality”€ morph into insatiably power-hungry predatory super-organisms once their alleged oppressors are willing to grant them equal treatment. While those making the concessions may think they”€™re doing so in the name of “€œfairness,”€ groups who are on the ascent tend to smell blood instead. Once even a semblance of “€œequality”€ is achieved, the mask falls off and it becomes a naked drive for power. They never seem sated by equality and keep moving the goalposts, ultimately becoming every bit as oppressive and intolerant as their former masters.

Christina Hoff Sommers, author of Who Stole Feminism? and The War Against Boys, distinguishes between “€œequity feminism”€”€”i.e., the idea that women should be treated equally to men”€”and its malignant successor, “€œgender feminism,”€ which is essentially a folk religion in which women wear angel wings and men are saddled with devil horns. Sommers describes herself as a feminist, as does Camille Paglia, but the latter-day gender feminists consider them traitors to the Holy Cause. Nearly every gal in the “€œWomen Against Feminism”€ camp seems to have no beef with equity feminism but has become nauseated with the incessant ball-busting and finger-wagging that characterize latter-day gender feminism.

It is no coincidence that modern feminists embody all of the character traits that cause “€œmisogyny”€ in the first place. They see rape everywhere, consider penises no better than assault rifles, deride masculinity in all its manifestations (except when women act butch), and brook no dissent in their quest to shout down, shame, hunt, mock, malign, and even jail anyone who dares to dissent. This is especially true when it comes to other women. It’s a given that they hate men; but hell hath no fury like a radical feminist scorned by another woman.


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