August 11, 2015

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Everyone pities Prometheus, but what about that poor eagle, sentenced to pluck out the same guy’s liver every damn morning? Did it ever think, “€œJeez, just once can I get maybe a kidney or something?”€?

That myth makes me think of St. Peter’s proverb “€œA dog returns to its vomit,”€ which in turn reminds me of the Spinal Tap drummer who “€œchoked on someone else’s vomit.”€ Then again, so does almost everything, since that throwaway line has become an apt description of my own fate.

Having spent half a century watching the left “€œchange the world,”€ then have it stay good and changed despite widespread debunkery and abject high-causality-rate failure, I stupidly presumed that if my side finally won one, our victory would likewise be set in frozen concrete aspic, too, dammit.

But those of us who overturned Canada’s politically correct “€œthought crime”€ hate-speech law, Section 13″€”wielded only against “€œbasement Nazis“€ until Muslims tried, and hilariously failed, to use it against critics of Islam”€”barely got our party hats on before the nation’s bratty, oblivious SJWs regrouped and even metastasized.

“€œWhen my friends and I raise the alarm about the far more numerous Muslim men who hold identical views (and worse) and who already reside in Canada, all these SJWs are suddenly AWOL and MIA.”€

Our left still prosecutes the occasional homegrown victim, but lately they”€™ve actually broadened their efforts, trying to keep their latest trumped-up “€œhate crime”€ villain from entering Canada in the first place”€”and often succeeding.

And even when we push back and they stumble, they just walk it off and hoist up a new human piñata. This week, it’s notorious “€œpickup artist”€ Roosh V.

If his weird moniker sounds familiar, it might be because Nathan Wyatt interviewed him for Taki’s over two years ago. And I wrote about PUAs like Roosh back when the $PLC declared them “€œhate criminals”€ in 2012.

(I”€™m serious, by the way: What more do I have to do to get on that goddamn list…?)

There’s a lot of overlap between PUAs and the broader antifeminist, anti-cuckservative “€œmanosphere.”€ Female SJWs naturally hate all these male “€œhaters,”€ but so far, their efforts to exorcise PUAs from even the fringes of the public square haven”€™t worked.

(Remember last year when lefties tried to tie rampage shooter Elliot Rodger around the manosphere’s collective neck? No? See?)

But SJWs are relentless little robots, so when they learned that Roosh’s 2015 world tour included stops in Montreal and Toronto, they waddled into action. (I can”€™t picture these women “€œspringing,”€ exactly. And I”€™ll ask again: Why do they all look like this?)

Their first order of business: the obligatory petition, which asks “€œMayor Bonnie Crombie of Mississauga, Mayor John Tory of Toronto, and Mayor Denis Corderre of Montreal to denounce “€˜RooshV”€™ and to urge local businesses and organizations to deny him accommodation while in Canada.”€

The word hate pops up again and again in this petition (which, as I type this, has just under 40,000 signatures). Roosh’s “€œhate website”€ The Return of Kings is “€œhate-based,”€ as is Roosh himself, who holds “€œhateful misogynistic views”€ that are “€œlikely to breach public peace.”€


I give these broads credit for one thing: Roosh (whose real name, they note, is Daryush Valizadeh) is quite possibly the brownest, most foreign-looking guy they”€™ve ever picked on.

I”€™d also bet that many of this petition’s female signatories defended swarthy Canadian liberal heartthrob, secular Muslim, and accused serial woman-basher Jian Ghomeshi for day after embarrassing day, and that they swoon over even-swarthier Canadian liberal heartthrob, convicted Muslim terrorist, and documented woman-hater Omar Khadr.

(My friend Laura Rosen Cohen calls left-wing dames”€™ well-known taste for dark meat the “€œOoo Ooo Mahmoud!”€ Syndrome.)


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