Alexander Shaw

Alexander Shaw

Alexander Francis Shaw is a former aide de camp to Nigel Farage, sea skipper, and a broadcaster for the Polish Ministry of Finance specialising in international tax avoidance.

Yacht Plot

“Invert your ensign and pretend to be Serbs.” Such is the advice currently offered by Greek port officials to Russian yachts en route to Turkey. The Aegean now plays host to an Olympian game of musical chairs. No one wants the music to stop while a “problem boat” is hovering in their ...

Eton College, Windsor

A Worthy Apology

Eton College now stands just one apology away from being the first establishment institution to acknowledge that men and women are different. A bulk of government ministers, media pundits, financiers, royals, and academics simply refer to Eton as “School”—the assumption being that anyone on ...


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