Andy Nowicki

Andy Nowicki

Andy Nowicki is the author of Considering Suicide, a novel published by Nine-Banded Books. He is a regular contributor to The Last Ditch, and has published work for New Oxford Review and American Renaissance. He also intermittently contributes to his blog when the spirit moves him to do so.

Cultural Caviar

The Gospel of John and Mark

Their brush with one another was the paradigmatic encounter between the Celebrity and the Nobody, the “have” and the “have-not” of the postmodern age, an era which hypocritically blasts endless PSAs about ...

Kids Today

Tyler Clementi: GLAAD Rag

When news of Tyler Clementi’s suicide broke last month, it outraged all the “right” people for most of the wrong reasons. Reeling with humiliation after falling victim to a vicious practical joke, this 18-year-old apple-cheeked ...


Ines and The Jets

If any recent event ever could be said to exemplify the sad desperation of contemporary feminism, it’s the manufactured controversy involving the supposed travails of gorgeous blond reporterette Ines Sainz, and the few minutes of allegedly ...


Three Cheers for Dr. Laura

I haven’t heard Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s radio show for many years now, but I still have many fond memories of the smart, brash, opinionated, no-nonsense, funny, bitchily-charming woman whose voice dominated the talk radio airwaves for a ...

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