Christie Davies

Christie Davies

Dr Christie Davies, an economics graduate of Cambridge University, has published extensively on humour and on morality. His most recent books are Jokes and Targets 2011 and The Strange Death of Moral Britain 2006, both published in America. In addition he frequently writes both ironic and satirical comment pieces and reviews of art exhibitions.

Europe’s Culture War Against America

Socialist elements within the European Union disapprove of America and welcome any opportunity to criticize and undermine it. Three topics will facilitate their attack"€”the death penalty, freedom of speech, and genetically modified food. THE DEATH PENALTY Amid Europe's 50 sovereign states, ...

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Executing a malefactor by stoning has received bad press due to a deplorable enthusiasm among certain modern Muslims for pelting adulterous women with rocks. But stoning seems no more cruel or unusual than many other capital-punishment techniques. It is difficult to see why an athletic, ...

Disaster Jokes du Jour

Japan's recent combined earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear-reactor disaster has led to the usual spate of jokes across the globe. In the modern world such jokes are universal and appear very quickly after disasters, threats of disease, and celebrity deaths. There were jokes after the space-shuttle ...


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