Daniel Raisbeck

Daniel Raisbeck

Daniel Raisbeck counts among his ancestors a Scottish mercenary and Colombia's second president. After a failed career in professional tennis, he has been writing a Ph D dissertation in Berlin. He also writes for Certamen, a Colombian online magazine.

Juan Manuel Santos

Colombia’s One-Trick Party

Before he was known as the bane of the FARC guerrillas, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos had a reputation as a neoliberal apparatchik. Acting as Finance Minister during a 2001 debt crisis, he imposed a budget of “sweat and tears.” But as president—when he’s not planning bombing raids ...

Colombia Lectures the USA About Drugs

On the drug war’s fortieth anniversary, the news from the front is rather grim. In Mexico, the clashes between the army and the formidable drug cartels have caused nearly 35,000 deaths in the past four years. In Afghanistan, opium continues to be a significant source of revenue for the Taliban. ...

A Big Mess in Bogotá

As the election for the next mayor of Colombia’s capital approaches, all candidates say they agree that “corruption is the worst evil facing Bogotá.” The squandering of the taxpayers’ money has become the current campaign’s central theme due to a series of recent scandals. Among the ...

Behavioral Guidelines for New German Immigrants

In Germany, much of the talk these days is about immigration and integration. It all started when former Bundesbank board member Thilo Sarrazin published a book in which he claims that the Bundesrepublik's mostly Muslim immigrant population is steadily forming a non-German-speaking, uneducated, ...


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