Graham Cunningham

Graham Cunningham

Graham Cunningham is a writer of occasional essays. His work has appeared in The American Conservative, New Criterion, Quadrant, and The Spectator.

Houses of Parliament, London

The Fatal Flaw of Western Liberalism

For Britons who—given the chance—would vote to Make Britain Sane Again, the current leadership convulsions within the Tory Party have brought into sharp relief a stark reality: They have gradually been disenfranchised, no longer having any political party to truly represent them. The British ...

BBC Studios, Manchester

BBC Lapses From Its Normally Impeccable Standards of Self-Righteousness

The British Browbeating Corporation (BBC) is on the back foot this week. It has belatedly fessed up to how its flagship investigative (“truth about the stories that matter”) documentary program Panorama was guilty of a campaign of dirty tricks in obtaining its “scoop of the decade” ...

Pete Buttigieg

Straight Talk

Pete Buttigieg’s success in Iowa has, according to The Washington Post, “unleashed emotion” among Democrat party members and reignited the question of “whether a gay person or a straight person had a better chance of beating [Donald] Trump in November 2020.... 69 percent said it didn’t ...


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