Neil Petrie

Neil Petrie

Neil Petrie Neil Petrie is a former British Army Intelligence Corps and SF officer. Ex-Regional Director of 5 security companies across Central Asia, with experience across the Middle East and India as a company owner. He is on the Executive Board of the UK's direct democracy party, 5 Star Direct Democracy.

Houses of Parliament, London

Enough Already

The U.K. has thankfully seen the back of its empire, however the husk of what remains of our state has been hijacked by less overt internationalists. In 2016 the nation called for freedom but has found itself tied by an obdurate elite to a collapsing multicultural system heading to its own ...

End State: Tolerant or Totalitarian?

We all sit down on occasion and have a good natter, putting worlds to right and solving all of our problems. Totalitarian solutions may be jokingly suggested and laughed off—if only we had that power! If of a scientific bent, maybe all those religious types would magically disappear and we’d ...


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