Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer is a journalist, columnist for, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals. Steve blogs regularly at isteve and has recently published his first book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance.

Fred and Adele Astaire

All About Me

My Lesbian Dance Theory

During the dog days of August, there was a brief flurry of partisan excitement when Republican congresswoman Lauren Boebert denounced the White House’s student loan giveaway as, “Joe Biden is robbing hardworking Americans to pay for Karen’s ...

Crime and Punishment

The Geography of Homicide

Everybody has an opinion on matters of crime and race, but not that many people are familiar with the facts. So I’m going to devote this column to furnishing basic data about the best documented and most important crime, homicide. The single most ...

Lit Crit

Pigment of Your Imagination

As antiwhite racism has become more respectable, use of the word “whiteness,” which is increasingly employed as an ethnic slur, has sextupled in frequency in books published in America since the first era of political correctness began in the ...

Lit Crit

Is the Pope Hispanic?

Over the last half-century, America has concocted countless affirmative-action programs in government, academia, the military, and business, with many new ones hastily ginned up just since George Floyd’s demise. But the bureaucratic details of ...

Deep Thoughts

The Truth Is Out There

Who is more into conspiracy theories: the right or the left? A new study sheds light on the political tilt of conspiracy theories. First, though, let me admit that I’ve always been more sympathetic to conspiracy theories in theory than in ...


Monkeypox: The New AIDS

You have to admit, the word “monkeypox” is fun to say: monkeypox, monkeypox, monkeypox. On the other hand, this less lethal relative of smallpox, which is now up to 2,000 confirmed cases in its first two months in the United States, sounds ...

Lit Crit

‘The Right’ Read

Curiously, many nonfiction books these days are published without an index, despite Microsoft Word providing indexing. My guess is that because serious new books mostly intrigue other writers hoping to find their names mentioned in the text, ...

Crime and Punishment

Surviving the Happiness Explosion

With institutional momentum for awarding vast reparations to African-Americans accelerating, it occurs to me that during the pandemic and racial reckoning we have already run a massive national experiment in what the likely society-wide outcomes ...

The Untold Story

The Truth About Pervs

In perhaps the biggest setback yet suffered by the transgenderist juggernaut, the International Swimming Federation has sunk the dreams of Olympic gold of Will “Lia” Thomas, the also-ran male swimmer who declared himself a woman and won an NCAA ...

Lit Crit

Faded Roots

At age 86, David Hackett Fischer, author of the landmark 1989 book Albion’s Seed: Four British Folkways in America (which is perhaps the most influential work of American history in the last third of a century), has returned to try to apply his ...


Maverick Moviemaking

White male aircraft carrier fighter pilots were the heroes of the 1986 hit movie Top Gun. But today, white men are the designated villains in our culture. Yet the profession of carrier fighter pilot remains almost 93 percent white male, as ...


Big Shots

Modern school shootings are an exceptionally abhorrent phenomenon that we got along just fine without for the first couple of centuries of U.S. history. So, it’s wholly reasonable to want them gone. It’s not like America was suffering from any ...

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