Ixnay for Hollywood

Reading a male nitwit interviewing an actress in the Bagel Times reminded me of the manner of a slave while addressing his master. The nitwit writes that “whenever my turns of phrase or tossed-off hand gestures caught her fancy, she’d repeat and refine them, doing them better than I did myself.” Gee, a blonde actress refining the ...

Taki’s Top Drawer


Enrique Roberto

How Many Divisions Does SCOTUS Have?

Inscribed on a frieze adorning the facade of the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse in lower Manhattan is an excerpt of a letter written by ...

U.S. Capitol Building

‘Drain the Swamp’

Presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to "drain the swamp!" The "swamp" is the permanent Washington bureaucracy working to perpetuate ...

Police Officer Stuck in BLM Nightmare

It must be a shock to police officers busting up campus protests to be cheered, rather than jeered, as they have been since the police shooting of ...

Confessions of a Cock-Block Columnist

It’s been said that if Frank Sinatra was at a restaurant and the scene was dead, he’d tell one of his goons to trip a waiter, just to create some ...

The Week That Perished

Cultural Caviar


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