Yoweri Museveni


God, Gaga, and John Kerry on the Dark Continent

The West used to send Bible-waving missionaries to Africa to try and pry open the natives"€™ eyes to the truth. Now it sends scientists. US Secretary of State John Kerry has said he will dispatch scientific experts to Uganda to try ...

Oscar Pistorius


Perfectly Able to Kill

Double amputee Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius has been charged with murdering his girlfriend, demolishing a sweet sporting mythos that had proved inspirational for physically disabled individuals and the institutionally disabled ...


Bloodbath in the Rainbow Nation

Police opened fire on a surging mob of angry mine workers on August 16th at South Africa's Marikana platinum mine. When the guns went quiet, 34 were dead and at least 78 wounded. This came a few days after the killing of ...

Nelson Mandela


A Great South African & A Horrible South Africa

The great South African Ernie Els recently won the British Open golf tournament in epic style. In victory he was gracious, kind, and humble. But then, as is the norm for white South Africans in the limelight, Els went on to praise ...


The Hardest Problem in Social Science

British comedienne Catherine Tate did a very funny sketch with Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond actor. In the sketch she is a dimwitted, over-the-hill 36-year old who has hooked up with Craig through an internet dating service. The ...

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