Absa Bank, Johannesburg

Lebedev Takes On the West

A recent article in The Spectator about Alexander Lebedev makes interesting reading; almos...


Fat People Are Killing Us

Last Friday was World Obesity Day, and I celebrated by continuing to stay in shape. Every...


The Woke Sports Fraud

Throughout his brilliant career, Michael Jordan was notoriously silent on political issues...

The Untold Story

Walmart’s ‘Woke’ Capitalism

Walmart -- the world's largest retailer -- has announced it's taking a side in the gun deb...

Joe Bob's America

If You Don’t Shut Up, I’m Gonna Blockchain Your Ass

PITTSBURGH—Guys, you’re probably wondering what you get for your five mil when you buy...

Vile Bodies

Route 27

The Shinnecock Erection

The Indians are getting uppity, at least in Southampton. After a couple centuries of rela...


Who You Gonna Believe: Netflix, or the Evidence?

Last week, we reviewed the evidence of "innocence" of the "Central Park 5" presented in th...

Racial Politics

The Parable of the Nazi Pizza

Susan Pang was one of the most attractive women I’ve ever known. Born in Hong Kong but r...


The (Burger) King of Racism

I won’t use her real name, because she’s not a public figure. Indeed, she may be dead ...

Joe Bob's America

Jack Ma

The Joe Bob Briggs 168-Hour Workweek

MADISON, Miss.—Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, is a big believer in the twelve-hour workday...

Joe Bob's America

Hudson Yards

See NYC! Admission Price $11!

NEW YORK—March 1, 2018, will go down as the day New York officially became a Museum City...


Serena Williams

Nike and the Phantom Bigots

If you watched the 2019 Oscars, a spellbinding Nike commercial entitled “Dream Crazier...

Joe Bob's America

Gillette Can Kiss My Smooth Cheeks

NEW YORK—The Gillette Fusion5 ProShield is such an amazing razor that I’m willing to s...


A Question of When, Not If

There are few quiet pleasures greater than that of contemplating future catastrophe. Fortu...