The Emperor’s New Ads

The New York Times announced on Monday: The internet search giant [Google] also confirmed ...

Joe Bob's America

The Big Myth About Dirty Jobs, Minimum Wage, and Illegal Immigration

NEW YORK—Wherever you stand on the Wetback Issue, you’re no longer allowed to say the ...

The Untold Story

Jeff Bezos

Sins of Silicon Valley

Instead of getting life without parole in one of those white isolation cells in the toughe...

The Untold Story

The Haiti of Europe

Greece is a small beautiful country in the southeastern part of Europe, a place of jasmine...


Google Tech Fired for Using Google

Google is a brilliant search engine where they accrue seemingly infinite amounts of data a...

Tech Overload

The Trillion-Dollar Question

Back in March, I asked in my Taki’s Magazine column “Diversity Versus Debate”: Does ...


Robots of the World, Unite!

Antonio Garcia Martinez says he has seen the future, and it made him flee for the woods. W...


Westminster, U.K.

The Shipbuilder’s Words

In the first chapter of Shadows of Empire, a novel I wrote twenty years ago, an old shipbu...


Charlize Theron

American’s Got Talent and Hope

Most of us here agree that PC has taken over, but it's worth doing a random sampling to se...


Haul of Injustice

Peonage, in which workers are bound to their jobs by debts to their employers, is a tradit...


Hope for the Luddites

Mark that one presidential promise unmet. The much-celebrated deal hatched between the in...

The Take

Defying the Dead

Of all the unproductive and pernicious taxes, I"€™ve long regarded the estate tax as the...

Oy Vey!

Bill Maher

The Firing Squad

Not to fall prey to bitter emotion is easier said than avoided. And, far more often than I...

Joe Bob's America

Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Vegas Knows What to Do With a High Roller

PALM BEACH, Fla."€”Hunter S. Thompson used to mail me giant photos of objects being blow...