Johns Hopkins University, Maryland

Noble Savages and the Antiwhite University

Back in April, some activists from a group called SAPP (Students Against Private Police), ...


Busing, Part II: Birth of a Ruination

Bobbi Fiedler was a prophet. Fiedler was the 38-year-old mom and housewife who damn near s...


Yale University

College Admissions Are Rigged in Favor of Prominent Democrats

If you've ever watched Chris Cuomo on CNN, you may have wondered, How did this guy get a T...


Busing: That Little Jew Was Me

“That little girl was me,” declared mocha madwoman Kamala Harris during the first deba...


San Francisco vs. Frisco

Sen. Kamala Harris leaped upward in the polls by denouncing Joe Biden for opposing racial ...


White and Bright

A new study from Georgetown University reveals that if the student bodies of the 200 most ...


Never Too Young

The headmistress of a school in Birmingham, England, decided that it was high time her pup...


The Wisdom of Spotted Toad

The good old days of blogging when just about any blogger could, at least until he ran out...


Felicity Huffman

Free Felicity Huffman!

Poor Felicity Huffman is being raked over the coals for paying a lousy $15,000 to get her ...


Rethinking the College Education Racket

Although American higher education has been terribly dumbed down since the late 1960s, it ...


Rhodes House, Oxford

Masochistic America

Released last Saturday, this year’s list of American Rhodes Scholars is a remarkable doc...


Why I Don’t Have a High School Diploma

When Mike Wallace, the decaying corpse from that venerable CBS sleazefest 60 Minutes, prof...


The Case for Gender-Segregated Universities

It is an old theme of literature that men and women, in the throes of passion, tend to foo...


Stuyvesant High School

Is Mayor de Blasio an Anti-Asian Bigot?

“Though New York City has one of the most segregated schools systems in the country,...