Pentonville Prison 1842

High Life

The Past Is Precious

Memories for me are like beautifully edited copy, all cleaned up and including only the go...

King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie

High Life

Battle Royal

GSTAAD—It seems to be open season on royals, starting with Prince Andrew and the charges...

High Life

Games Over

CORONIS—Embracing one’s vulnerability seems to have replaced the higher, faster, stron...

High Life

On Sail

PATMOS—A very long time ago I wrote right here that spending a summer on the Riviera or ...

High Life

Cheat Sheet

GSTAAD—After six and a half months apart, I had absolutely no trouble recognizing my wif...
Kanye West's sneakers

High Life

Prop Culture

NEW YORK—I hope this is my last week in the Bagel. I plan to fly first to Switzerland an...
Emperor Nero

High Life


NEW YORK—I haven’t felt such shirt-dripping, mind-clogging wet heat since Saigon back ...

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