High Life

Pont Saint Michel, Paris

Pretty Wise for 38

If it hadn’t arrived I’d be dead, but it was hardly welcome: another birthday. Thirty-...

High Life

Athens, Greece

The Road to Ruins

I am struggling up the slippery marble steps of the Acropolis with the Geldofs and the Bis...

High Life

Spetses, Greece

Loose Lips on Ships

CORONIS—We are steaming on Puritan toward the private isle of Coronis for a long Pugs we...

High Life


Summer in Serifos

He went away to fight and the war lasted 10 years. He missed his wife, but he didn’t wor...

High Life

Athens, Greece

Greece, Then and Now

ATHENS—Standing right below the Acropolis, where pure democracy began because public off...

High Life

Coco Gauff

Tennis Jerks and ‘Speccie’ Perks

Martina Navratilova has never been shy telling it like it is. She came out when other athl...


Kerkyra, Corfu

Electoral Chitchat

Now it can be told! A Boris ex I sat next to last week gave me the scoop: He is absentmind...


Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord, Portrait by François Gérard (1808)

Leonidas Said It Best

The Duke of Marlborough gave a toast last week that brought the house down during a Turnin...

High Life

Tusmore Park

What a Week

Bellamy’s and Oswald’s are the two best restaurants in London. Owned by two friends of...


Boris Johnson

Tories and Tennis

A lady once offered to go to bed with me if I could ensure her landing The Spectator’s d...

High Life

Il Duce

Baptism by Flier

They were putting the finishing touches on the giant tent as I drove up to the Schloss Wol...

High Life

Ernest Hemingway

The Papa Connection

I didn’t like it, and then I liked it. But a writer’s job is to tell the truth, as Pap...

High Life

Conrad Black

Black’s Life Matters

Goody, goody gumdrops! The Donald has pardoned Lord Black and I couldn’t be happier. Con...

High Life

Grand Central Station

Adios, Manhattan

This is my last week in the Bagel and I’m going to give it the old college try. Two week...