Joan Didion

High Life

The Fine Print

GSTAAD—Joan Didion, who died December last, took herself extremely seriously. American w...

Mustair, Switzerland

High Life

The Swiss Way

A revisionist-historian-anthropologist-anarchist, whose name is not important because his ...

High Life


GSTAAD—It is hard to imagine we have reached the year 2022 and still impose completely i...
Sir Oswald Birley, self-portrait

High Life

Party Lines

NEW YORK—It’s party time in the Bagel, and it’s about time, too. Good restaurants an...
Laurence Olivier and Maggie Smith, Othello

High Life

Cancel Away!

NEW YORK—I’ve never met anyone named Othello, certainly not in Venice nor in Cyprus, b...

High Life

A Deeper Divide

NEW YORK CITY—Don’t let anyone tell you the Bagel is worse off than Kabul, where three...
Chelsea Bridge, London

High Life

London, 1952

There’s a narrow stretch of Chelsea south of the King’s Road from Oakley Street to Orm...

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