High Life

Il Duce

Baptism by Flier

They were putting the finishing touches on the giant tent as I drove up to the Schloss Wol...

High Life

Ernest Hemingway

The Papa Connection

I didn’t like it, and then I liked it. But a writer’s job is to tell the truth, as Pap...

High Life

Conrad Black

Black’s Life Matters

Goody, goody gumdrops! The Donald has pardoned Lord Black and I couldn’t be happier. Con...

High Life

Grand Central Station

Adios, Manhattan

This is my last week in the Bagel and I’m going to give it the old college try. Two week...


Richard Rodgers, Irving Berlin, Oscar Hammerstein II, and Helen Tamiris

Actually Great Theater

Here’s a question for you: If your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, even toy boy li...

High Life

Big Man on Campus

Charlottesville is an enchanting Virginia college town graced by the neoclassical architec...

High Life

Feel Free Again

NEW YORK—David Niven’s younger son Jamie, now an old man like yours truly and a bit ov...


What’s the Next Fake News?

NEW YORK—On April 21, 1980, Rosie Ruiz won the fabled Boston Marathon in record time and...

High Life

We’re All Harvey Weinsteins Now

Okay, chaps, keep your hands where people can see them, and don’t touch. And try not to ...

High Life

A Tale of Extravagant Greed

I first met the man whose opioid products have supposedly killed 200,000 Americans 51 year...

High Life

Manhattan, N.Y.

One Bad Apple

NEW YORK—This place feels funny, a bit like Beirut, where Christians, Muslims, Druze, an...

High Life

New York

Nothing but Phonies

NEW YORK CITY—Goodbye, snowcapped peaks; hello, swampy brown East River. So long, fresh ...

High Life

Taki Jokes

As Emperor Maximilian told his convulsed-by-tears servants while he was about to be execut...

High Life

Put the Grandkids in Charge

As everyone knows, the definition of serendipity is searching for a needle in a haystack, ...