High Life

A Tale of Extravagant Greed

I first met the man whose opioid products have supposedly killed 200,000 Americans 51 year...

High Life

Manhattan, N.Y.

One Bad Apple

NEW YORK—This place feels funny, a bit like Beirut, where Christians, Muslims, Druze, an...

High Life

New York

Nothing but Phonies

NEW YORK CITY—Goodbye, snowcapped peaks; hello, swampy brown East River. So long, fresh ...

High Life

Taki Jokes

As Emperor Maximilian told his convulsed-by-tears servants while he was about to be execut...

High Life

Put the Grandkids in Charge

As everyone knows, the definition of serendipity is searching for a needle in a haystack, ...

High Life

Dying Breeds

A rare British species, a womanizing ex–foreign minister, kissed and told about his brie...

High Life

Tell It to the Saudis

This is party time in Gstaad. From the richest billionaires down to some impoverished soul...

High Life

Crash Course

Who was it who said we always hurt those we love the most? I did just that last week, skii...


Life’s Too Short for Envy

Here in Gstaad there is no worker alienation. Nor are the rich especially worried. The tal...


Boris Johnson


“The British political class has offered to the world an astounding spectacle of mendaci...

High Life

Roger Federer

Tennis Is the Best Medicine

Asked how he was feeling as he was about to give a speech to a ladies’ group, Mark Twain...

High Life

Wengen, Switzerland

Nil Desperandum

Do any of you know what a cisgender is? I just found out. A cisgender is a term describing...


Resist, I Guess

Funny thing is, I was in school with a man named Ted Widmer, and I recently read that one ...

High Life

All Downhill From Here

GSTAAD—My annual end-of-year party in the Bagel was a bust. Too many people brought thei...