High Life

Soc, Witt, and Taki

The grandest view of Gstaad and the surrounding Saanen valley bar none—and that includes...

High Life

Who the Hell is Manny Klein?

Perception and reality, truth and falsehood, black and white; nowadays the salivating chat...

High Life

Serena Williams

Reading and Raging

A letter from a reader in South Africa mentions that the writer’s father insisted a whit...

High Life

Greece Isn’t Back, but Taki Is

Some jerk know-nothing writes in an unreadable American newspaper that Greece is back—At...

High Life

Gstaad Rot

GSTAAD—The pastoral heaven of this place can get very dull during the summer months. Gre...

High Life

Mr and Mrs Taki

Nothing Like a Dame

This was a real surprise—and on my birthday, Aug. 11, to boot: A grown man, whose parent...

High Life

Better to Dream Than to Be Woke

Gstaad—I need it like Boris needs a bleach job. Another birthday, that is. Birthdays ten...

High Life


Boats and Bastards

They used to say that the primary function of a boat was to be beautiful. I suppose that i...

High Life

Greece Overboard

On board S/Y Puritan—I’m sailing off the charred eastern coast of Athens where so many...

High Life

Ottessa Moshfegh

Stranger Than Nonfiction

Reading is the best antidote to debauchery I know of, and I’ve been hitting the books la...

High Life

A Moveable Greek

I am seriously thinking of moving back to London. The family insists on it—New York, the...

High Life

Porfirio Rubirosa

Dangerous Liaisons

What a great week it’s been, what a great mood I’m in; it is almost like being in bed&...

High Life

Badminton House

It Takes Balls

Oh, to be in England, and almost die of heat after the Austrian Alps. Yes, Sarah Sands, wr...

High Life

Salzburg, Austria

To the Future, and the Past

SCHLOSS WOLFSEGG—I was watching two very old men slowly approaching the open doors of th...