High Life

Salzburg, Austria

To the Future, and the Past

SCHLOSS WOLFSEGG—I was watching two very old men slowly approaching the open doors of th...

High Life

Rose McGowan

Rose’s Tinted Glasses

I write this on my last day in the Bagel, and it sure is a scorcher. Heat and humidity so ...

High Life

East Hampton, NY

Summers in the Hamptons

The feeling of summertime abandonment is here—the Hamptons are overflowing with mouth-fr...

High Life

Ben Bradlee

J.F.K.s Pimp

NEW YORK, N.Y.—This week fifty years ago saw the assassination of Robert Kennedy, a man ...

High Life

German Military Cemetery, Normandy

What Price Normandy?

Back in New York and digesting the five glorious days I spent in Normandy. What was the fi...

High Life

Pegasus Bridge, Normandy

Café Dispatches

PEGASUS BRIDGE, NORMANDY—We’re taking morning coffee at the Gondree Café (skirting ...

High Life

Omaha Beach, Normandy

No Day at the Beach

OMAHA BEACH, NORMANDY—I am standing in a German cement bunker, having walked through a l...


Jared Kushner

The Legend of the White Elephant

Talk about high life, this is not. I smelled a rat long ago. Then the scent got weaker and...


Two Nations, Under The Donald

NEW YORK—“What Do We Do With These Men?” thunders a New York Times front-page headli...

High Life

Madeleine Albright

Return of the Blackshirts

Benito lives! The Blackshirts are here. Fascism is on the march—at least according to Ma...

High Life

Dealing With Cox

NEW YORK—Remember when the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, and other such useless gimmicks ...

High Life

Circe and her Lovers

Poor Little Greek Girl?

As anyone who has ever tripped the light fantastic with a witch knows, Circe was not only ...

High Life

Stormy Daniles

A Woman’s World

NEW YORK—If Albanian television had shown the program CBS showed last week—with a woma...

High Life

Prince Charles

Bower’s Hatchets

At dinner the other night a friend wondered what came first, social climbing or name-dropp...