High Life

Ernest Hemingway

Hangover Helper

When the snow finally stopped, the sublime silence of the stars above made for dramatic vi...

High Life

Crazy for Christmas

Here we go, it’s that time of year again! Yippee! And get your wallets out. Scrooges are...

High Life

Donna Reed and James Stewart

Happy Christmas From Hollywood

Is there anything not to like about Christmas? The answer is a resounding NO, and I includ...

High Life


Camels and Controversy

Like the song almost says, what a difference a year makes: 2017 is not over yet, but it’...

High Life

Charlie Rose and Amanda Burden

Trial by Fury

There’s fear and loathing in this town, and in El Lay it’s even worse. Torquemada and ...

High Life

Graydon and Anna Carter

Cancel the Oscars, Bring On the Harveys

Two rather splendid dinners given in the Bagel by George Livanos and Mick Flick, where the...

High Life

West Point

Wild at West Point

What news can one report from the Home of the Depraved after the church shooting in Texas,...


How the Big Lie Works

A dinner by Michael Mailer in honor of Arki Busson in Michael’s brilliant Brooklyn flat ...


Sadiq Khan’s Cesspit

I have a message for the London mayor, Sadiq Khan: You and your policies stink! While the ...

High Life

Central Park, New York

Stale Bagel

I hate to say this, but the quality of life in the Bagel has crashed in a Harvey Weinstein...

High Life

Donna Karan

Hypocritical Oaths

The only woman who has not been sexually harassed and possibly raped by Harvey Weinstein i...

High Life

Harvey Weinstein and Georgina Chapman

Let’s Talk About Harvey

I smell a rat when it comes to Harvey Weinstein. Let’s take it from the start. The telep...

High Life

C.Z. Guest

Gigolo Journal

The death of the richest woman on the planet, as the tabloids dubbed Liliane Bettencourt, ...

High Life

Yvette Cooper

Forty Winks

I think this week marks my fortieth anniversary as a Spectator columnist, but I’m not 10...