The Patriarchy

Male Authority and the Decline of America

Our elected representatives, including many judges, more and more refuse to comply with federal immigration law. They do not conceive of themselves as disinterested agents of a system that it is their duty to serve and, by serving, bring into being. Rather, they themselves are the effective arbiters of justice. Hence our many sanctuary cities and ...

The Patriarchy

1 + 1 = You”€™re a Racist

Piper Harron is an unhappy-looking black woman whose mood would be greatly improved if white male math professors would just "€™fess up to their unearned privilege and quit their jobs. She is currently a "€œtemporary assistant ...

William Shatner

The Patriarchy

Confronting the Misandropologists

World-renowned space-traveler and recording artist William Shatner upset wide swaths of the progressive sci-fi nerd community last week when he dared to allege that women sometimes hate men. Writing on Twitter"€”which, for better or ...

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