The Patriarchy

Male Authority and the Decline of America

Our elected representatives, including many judges, more and more refuse to comply with fe...

The Patriarchy

Men Of Progress Painting by Christian Schussele

The Return of Patriarchy

Generosity, in this egotistical world, is perceived as weakness, and therefore rewarded wi...

The Patriarchy

Is America Still a Nation?

In the first line of the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson spe...

The Patriarchy

1 + 1 = You”€™re a Racist

Piper Harron is an unhappy-looking black woman whose mood would be greatly improved if whi...

The Patriarchy

William Shatner

Confronting the Misandropologists

World-renowned space-traveler and recording artist William Shatner upset wide swaths of th...