July 27, 2017

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

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Most of us here agree that PC has taken over, but it’s worth doing a random sampling to see how true that is. What I learned will surprise you. It might not be as ubiquitous as you think.

Political correctness has been around since the 1990s, but as Jim Goad points out, back then it was only on the fringes. We had “€œseparatist lesbians”€ who were working on creating a society without men. I remember them. They wouldn”€™t shake your hand because it was bad for the movement. They were also freaks nobody had heard of.

Today it seems like they could run for office. They certainly wouldn”€™t look unusual in Europe. Everywhere you look, far-left politics has infiltrated the mainstream, especially in pop culture. You can”€™t turn on the TV without a black neurosurgeon talking to a female Secret Service agent who’s a single mother of two. When they cut to a #cuckmercial it’s some bumbling dad trying to figure out how to open a can while his long-suffering wife rolls her eyes. The racial ambiguity is getting ridiculous too. Aren”€™t there any white people on TV anymore? The last couple I saw in a commercial was a white woman with a half-Asian husband. They had four kids who all looked racially accurate, which must have been a casting nightmare. I worked in advertising. Getting kids who can act is a hassle. Finding quarter Asians who can act is usually cost-prohibitive.

I decided to try to quantify this. It’s easy to say “€œPC is ubiquitous,”€ without any metrics. Ubiquitous means “€œall things at all times”€ so, unless you”€™re God, you”€™re left with no choice but to choose a random sample of American culture to prove your point.

“€œWe are battered over the head with anti-traditionalism everywhere we go, but it’s not yet ubiquitous.”€

I decided to watch America’s Got Talent and focus on the commercials. What I learned was, I am completely wrong about PC taking over absolutely everything. I was letting one #cuckmercial stick in my craw and then ignoring everything that came before and after it. It’s like those guys who think they”€™re good at blackjack. They let selective memory push out all the failures and focus on the few times they”€™ve won. I was stunned to discover, commercials still seem to understand the free market and that pitching to nasty women who resent men isn”€™t good for business.

I”€™m not saying PC isn”€™t completely out of control. It has completely subsumed most mainstream media and all of Hollywood. I”€™m just saying that within this tiny litmus test, I was very surprised to notice I had completely exaggerated the problem in my own mind.

There were 42 commercials during the July 25 episode of America’s Got Talent on NBC from 9 to 10 p.m. It was only 15 minutes of advertising, but most of the commercials were 15 seconds long. Diversity was not rammed down our throats. Amazon’s Alexa had a black dad goofing around with his daughter and then asking her what action movies are playing. The odds of that dad sticking around are one in four, but that’s the guy you want to advertise to.

The rest of the people cast in the commercials were totally indicative of America’s racial demographics. In a Pringles ad, we saw an ethnically ambiguous chick bite a chip and there may have been some Hispanics running into a chip tube in the background, but the three faces we saw most clearly were all white. Mazda had a couple test-drive two cars and they were both white. A white guy learned from a clone of himself that his Discover card was going to start sending him alerts if his card was being charged by a weird website. Neither of himselves were idiots and they handled this news well. There was a mathlete chick in a Staples ad who was sort of Asian but could also have been Hispanic or a very light-skinned black. This wasn”€™t your typical competitive math kid. These groups are usually male and mostly Asian, but they always seem to have one chick. Staples chose her. That’s fine. We also saw a slightly confused man who had trouble wrapping his mind around the fact that everything at Lowe’s was 5 percent off. A female East Indian employee had to explain it to him, but he was kind of charming about it and she didn”€™t demean him.

There were plenty of commercials that enforced traditional stereotypes. A Samsung Galaxy ad featured two pretty girls (ethnically ambiguous with a slight white bent) staring at shoes. They wanted to find out where to buy them and the Samsung girl was able to look it up quicker. These girls then went dancing and took selfies and then jumped in the pool (for a selfie). It was a world most college feminists would be disgusted by. A Secret antiperspirant ad featured women in bell-bottoms showing off their armpits in a way that seemed to lampoon first-wave feminism. One girl showed off her armpits and added, “€œI have another one right here,”€ like an attack on all these unkempt feminists who think their hirsute underarms mean anything.

In a T-Mobile ad, a snarky babysitter overcharges a couple. She added $10 because she had to order a pizza and she taught the kids to groom the dog. The son is asleep on the pizza and the daughter is cutting huge clumps off her dog. This incompetent slut is wearing the mom’s shoes. She mentions that she’s her size, then looks at the woman’s figure and adds, “€œIn shoes.”€ This isn”€™t the Lisa Simpson archetype where girls can do no wrong and most of what they do is endure the stupidity of the men around them. This is a stupid bitch who can”€™t even handle one of the easiest jobs in the world. Another Alexa ad had a woman reminding herself to clean under the couch, and a third had some gluttonous cow canceling a reminder to take the cookies out of the oven because she had eaten them all raw. It sounds almost sexist to lay out these different scenarios, but that’s because we”€™ve been brainwashed to see reality as sexist. Ask a doctor how his patients react when he tells them they”€™re going to have a lot of trouble having babies in their late 30s. They act like he just told them they need to lose a few pounds (which he’s also allowed to do, by the way).


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