June 22, 2017

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On Friday, my Rebel Media colleague Laura Loomer (formerly with Pamela Geller and Project Veritas) stormed Shakespeare in the Park’s rendition of Julius Caesar here in NYC. She was angered by their depiction of Caesar’s murder, which had been twisted into a live snuff film where Trump was stabbed repeatedly by disgruntled blacks and women who see him as Hitler. The scene was drawn-out and extremely bloody and the Upper West Side audience had been gorging on it for weeks. So, to rain on their gore parade, Laura stormed the stage yelling,

Stop the normalization of left-wing political violence against the right. It is unacceptable. You”€™re promoting violence against Donald Trump. Do you want him to die? Stop leftist violence. You are all ISIS. NYC Public Theater is ISIS. CNN is ISIS. Shame on you. Shame on the NYC Public Theater. Shame!

She was escorted off the stage while reporter Jack Posobiec added, “€œGoebbels would be proud!”€ Security then kicked them both out and Laura was arrested for trespassing and disorderly conduct. The left was furious. Celebrities pooh-poohed it, claiming the audience booed so it was not impressed. Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman claimed the protesters lost because the audience “€œshut down”€ the protest. The right was equally unamused. Charles C. Johnson said, “€œInterrupting the Shakespeare play has become the new right’s version of the ice bucket challenge.”€ Ben Shapiro went on Joe Scarborough’s show to say, “€œIf it’s wrong when the left does it, it’s wrong when you do it. This idiotic notion that trying to promote snowflakery from the right is somehow going to combat the snowflakery from the left, it’s so stupid”€ (note the headline says “€œAlt-Right “€˜Snowflakes,”€™”€ which Shapiro didn”€™t say”€”they always do this). Another colleague of mine, U.K. conservative Jack Buckby, warned, “€œWe are becoming SJWs.”€ Even within my club the Proud Boys there were a good 20 percent who said it was anti”€“free speech and made us look like hypocrites.

“€œIt’s easy to take the high road if you don”€™t have a driver’s license.”€

They”€™re all right. It was the low road. We infringed upon their art and it was indicative of a culture that wants to prevent people from enjoying plays that criticize the president. It was reckless and bombastic and not the type of behavior one should expect from those who are determined to maintain a modicum of decorum during the culture wars. If we were in a salon, ensconced in leather chairs, drinking brandy, and discussing the pros and cons of the ideal society, we would daresay “€œnay”€ to the idea of crashing plays. However, this is not where we are. I love Charles, Ben, and Jack, and respect the paleocons for their consistency, but they are not here, in the streets. They are not getting poisoned and pepper-sprayed and stabbed. It’s easy to take the high road if you don”€™t have a driver’s license. We are here, in New York City”€”IN HARLEM“€”wearing MAGA hats and getting thrown out on our ass. While Islamic terrorists murder and rape British children and make it illegal to point that out in Canada, American Marxists insist, “€œThe face of domestic terrorism is white.”€ I look forward to pontificating again, but right now we are being dehumanized so that we can be assassinated and this disturbing mind game goes from some random girl in a bitcoin hat all the way to the President of the United States.

So, while Laura was working out her case with her lawyer, two Hispanic Proud Boys decided to invade the play when it ran again on Sunday. They didn”€™t sit there with loudspeakers drowning out every speech the way antifa tried to do at our March Against Sharia (a protest Haaretz objected to, for some bizarre reason). They just interrupted the show. During the day, Jovi Val leaped up on stage and yelled, “€œLiberal hate kills!”€ and was dragged off. Then, Sal Cipolla got up and yelled, “€œWe”€™re sick of your bullshit”€ and was forcibly tackled off the stage. A common refrain among supporters of this play is that it’s just Shakespeare (an actress even said as much to Laura as she stormed the stage). They insist they”€™ve used Hillary and Obama before and it’s ultimately about Caesar. Apparently, us pleebs just don”€™t get the arts. This is a common trick amongst all liberals. They bastardize something real until it means something else and when you call them on it, they hide behind the original. Obama was not slaughtered by a mob and left covered in blood. Nor was Hillary. Those versions had an air of reverence. This play was assassination porn.

I had all three Julius Caesar bum-rushers on my show to discuss the event. I asked Laura how she feels about the allegations that these actions contradict the right-wing devotion to free speech. She said, “€œThis is my constitutional right to exercise my free speech and my right to protest”€”to condemn political violence against conservatives.”€


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