November 23, 2021

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Deadlines are an unforgiving mistress. Every now and then I’ll see something right after my column posts that makes me regret not having been able to include it.

For example, last month, in my piece about the manufactured controversy in Texas regarding “teaching both sides of the Holocaust,” I predicted that the dumbest on the right would take the bait and be like, “Yes, we should teach both sides of the Holocaust in public schools!”

And wouldn’t you know it? The very day my column posted, the always reliable Unz Review (“reliable” as in you can always rely on it to go full retard) ran a screed by some mouthbreather titled “Why Not Question ‘the Holocaust’ in Schools?”

“Leftists want the entire country; there’s no town too unimportant to merit their concern.”

Because yes, America’s math- and reading-challenged kids desperately need to learn all about an obscure controversy regarding a Polish building constructed by Germans in 1943. Yep, that’ll totally help us compete with the Chinese!

Must some of you be so predictable?

So two weeks ago, I went on a rant about what I call the “smug fatalism” of rightists whose attitude is essentially to cede the nation, to write off blue America as inevitable (and therefore pointless to oppose), and to retreat to safe towns from which they can whittle away the days freed of the burden of having to work hard enough or be smart enough to counter the left.

I caricatured such people’s views as, “Them blue cities is goin’ ta hell; let ’em! They voted fer it, let ’em suffer. This is what ya git in blue states! Fuck ’em, let ’em rot!”

And whaddya know, just two days later, John Nolte of Breitbart tweeted:

I don’t give a FUCK if Democrat-run cities burn. I live in MAGA country where it’s clean, safe, tolerant, and people of all races live together in harmony. Shithole cities are not my problem. Rage on, morons. You get what you vote for.

It’s literally like he was parodying my parody, but in fact he was dead serious.

So I’m gonna take another pass at explaining the flaws with “conservative cocooning.”

To start with, let’s say you’re safe where you are. Nolte lives in Boone, N.C. (I’m not doxxing him; it’s on his Twitter profile). Population 19,000; 94% white.

Now, let’s say he (God forbid) falls ill with some rare ailment. He’ll have to travel; maybe to the Mayo Clinic. And when Agualtitectl the indigenous Honduran transgender affirmative-action “dreamer” orderly hooks up his IV to a can of motor oil because he can’t read English, Nolte ain’t gonna be safe no more.

Or what about when Nolte gets an invitation to be keynote speaker at the American Douchebag Convention in Boulder. He’ll likely decide to fly there.

Mid-flight: “This be Shaniquita, yo’ diversity an’ inclusion pilot. I don’t be knowin’ what dis button do, but I gon’ press it anyways cuz YOLO!”

R.I.P. Nolte and the passengers of flight 704 to Boulder.

You may be safe where you are, but you can’t live like a Covid lockdown recluse for the rest of your life.

But that’s beside the point because…you ain’t safe where you are.

There’s an old saying I just coined: “You cannot Randy Weaver if those in power don’t want you to Randy Weaver.” You know who learned that the hard way? Randy Weaver. Leftists want the entire country; there’s no town too unimportant to merit their concern. This is the domino principle but, like, for real this time. We fight them over here so we don’t have to fight them even more over here.

Now, if fighting “them” simply meant fighting people (like looters, Antifas, or even a presidential administration), then retreating to Mayberry could be a plan. But rightists often tout their Christianity, so they should understand the meaning of Ephesians 6:12. The fight’s not always against “flesh and blood,” but spiritual darkness, which can be interpreted secularly as pathologies like the jihad mentality that spread like wildfire throughout the Muslim world over the past four decades, and antiwhite wokeism, which is spreading throughout America now.

You can build a wall to keep out humans, but no wall can keep out an idea. The woke brain disease can hit anyone, anywhere. Young people, and white women, are very susceptible to it. So your 94% white town is not safe.

Nolte reminds me of a burly crew-cut dad in 1968 saying, “No way MAH daughter’s gonna run off with some longhair an’ join a hippie commune in San Francisco! Nuh-uh, not MAH little girl.”

[Sees hippie van drive away with his daughter giving him the finger from the window]

Git back here, ya fuckin’ bitch!

When a pathology is spreading among young people, and especially among young women (as P.J. O’Rourke has noted, lots of dudes joined the hippie scene purely because it’s where the chicks were), neither a good Christian upbringing nor the occasional strap to the ass can 100% guarantee that your little angel won’t become infected.

If you examine the minutes and internal documents of the school boards that have tried to ram CRT down the throats of children, you find that nobody was forcing the board members to do it. The (predominantly white) cat ladies on those boards were not being pressured. There were no Antifa or BLM threats, no arm-twisting. Antifa wouldn’t know a school board from a skateboard.

Those board members acted on their own; they initiated those policies on their own. A pathology infected them; it caught fire in their minds. Wokeism is a fad that appeals to two key groups: blacks who are bitter failures at life, and whites who are economically secure but whose daily endeavors lack meaning (predominantly whites who were conditioned for wokeism in college and who reject the idea that raising a family is the highest human aspiration. Wokeism tells them, “This will give your life significance”).

Because of the nature of the pathology, majority-white areas are not even remotely immune.

I’ll point out that it was majority-white Hardeeville in deep-red South Carolina where a jury recently acquitted a black cold-blooded murderer in the carjacking/killing of a retired white fire chief, because the black guy’s defense was “all I wanted wuz his car. When he resisted, he skeered me, so I had to shoot him.”

The jury bought that line 100%.

Yet it was in deep-BLUE Richmond, Va., where that exact defense was rejected in a separate black-defendant murder trial (which I wrote about a few years ago).

It was in majority-white Oklahoma City (which went for Trump in 2016 and 2020) where a jury just acquitted a black man whose vicious dogs mauled to death an 82-year-old white woman, even though the black guy was aware that his dogs were deadly, and even though he laughed off the concerns of his white neighbors.

Oh, and it was Oklahoma’s “red” governor Stitt who freed a black cannibal-killer in the name of “racial justice.” Mr. “yum yum eat ’em up” proceeded to slaughter his white neighbor and devour her heart. And just a few days ago, Stitt commuted the sentence of yet another black murderer whose victim was white.

And it’s in yeehaw Texas where the Department of Health and Human Services is apparently denying life-saving medical treatment to whites.

“Region” means nothing when there’s a brain disease going around.

Not to put too fine a point on a pinhead, but in Nolte’s beloved Boone, Appalachian State University (Latin motto: Rapere Asinum Ned Beattum) is totally woke. Last year, the “Black at App State Collective” (a septic menagerie of black students and white “allies”) led a 250-person walkout while touting “a list of demands in regards to the oppression and trauma Black, Indigenous students and people of color have faced on campus.” When the white female chancellor didn’t immediately bow to the demands, the group called for her head. A separate org, the Boone Anti-Racism Contingent (“privileged whites” who “humble ourselves” and “amplify the marginalized and oppressed” in order to “take responsibility for deconstructing and dismantling systemic racism that weighs on our community”), demanded the chancellor’s removal.

Two days later, the faculty gave the chancellor a no-confidence vote.

The chancellor issued a groveling statement about how “Black Lives Matter, and we are listening” because in the name of “inclusion and equity” we must “reinvent policing” to counter the “police violence and systemic racism” that accounts for “the success of our white students.”

And now the school’s imported a slew of “diversity heads” to remake the campus.

Woke pathology is not sickle cell or Tay-Sachs. It can infect anyone. Those who think the disease is confined to one group, one city, or one region are imbeciles whose smug complacency is exactly what ensures that wherever they live will eventually not be safe.

You don’t have to like L.A. or California. But there might just be a few things you could learn from us. Like how we successfully assembled a coalition of whites and Hispanics last year to defeat an attempt to overturn our state’s ban on affirmative action.

North Carolina has no such ban, and attempts to institute one have failed dismally.

That same California white (male)/Hispanic (male) coalition defeated a statewide George Soros attempt to eliminate cash bail (“bail reform,” as Soros calls it; “revolving door arrest/release,” as reality calls it). At the same time, North Carolina is instituting Soros bail “reforms” all across the state.

“Red” shouldn’t be so smug.

My point is simply that self-indulgent “Kermit sipping tea” smarminess has never helped anyone or anything. Nolte’s tweeted a thousand times against Soros—“Ooooooh, that Nazi bastard!”—but he never once tweeted in support of L.A.’s attempt to recall Soros minion George Gascon.

Well, that’s a fine strategy! Ascertain (correctly) that a guy is a danger to the nation, and then, when a bunch of people actually try to fight him, to weaken him, to forge a template for recalling his gauleiters, you look at a map and say, “That’s not my problem.”

Sheer genius. And for the record, the entire Breitbart site, and the Nashvillian Daily Wire crew, refused to help in the Gascon recall. A bunch of Randy Weavers who’ll happily send their sons out to search fer possum meat because there’s no way no feds might be hidin’ in them bushes. Not up here…not on the mountain, where we’re safe.

Smug fatalism blinds you, and if you’re in a red area, you cannot afford blindness right now. In the Deep South especially, you’re dealing with two distinct demographic changes: the influx of blacks fleeing California, and Biden’s open-border policy that’s trucking in immigrants who won’t end up in L.A. (you know what the average East L.A. Hispanic would do if a Haitian tried to move into his neighborhood? Let’s just say it wouldn’t involve sweet tea and biscuits).

You may think that blue America’s dye is permanent.

Perhaps it is. But red America’s ain’t. Keep that in mind before you get too comfortable.


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