July 25, 2023

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I don’t care much for Ron Unz. While I certainly appreciate anyone who publishes “forbidden” content, I do feel quite vehemently that Unz is emblematic of a major problem facing the right.

Like most Californians, I knew Unz as a failed politician and successful businessman who, in the 1990s, scuttled the state’s Spanish-only “bilingual” education programs that were graduating seniors who couldn’t speak a word of English. Unz funded Prop. 227, and it passed.

That was good Unz. Helpful Unz.

Then Unz went the way of fellow failed politician Arianna Huffington and started his own website, giving voice to people on the right just as Huffington did on the left.

Good, good Unz.

Then around 2018 Unz went full-blown Protocols of Zion Holocaust denial. As in, advocating it. Not just allowing it on his site, but promoting it as truth.

Bad Unz! [Smacks with rolled-up newspaper] Bad, bad Unz!

And that’s all Unz.com is these days. Unz writing about Holocaust denial, Andrew Anglin writing about “satanic blood-drinking kikes,” and Steve Sailer, the jazzman who plays the whorehouse, belting out incredible music as depravity occurs around him.

“Leftist nuts are useful to the left; rightist nuts are a liability to the right.”

Let’s revisit that Huffington/Unz fork. They were initially on the same path: wealthy failed politicians, website entrepreneurs. But then they diverged. Huffington used her site to help a political party. To help candidates. In its heyday, HuffPo had an impact electorally. It targeted “progressive” voters, white women especially. It didn’t target revolutionary communists (i.e., the fringe); it targeted ordinary people who make a positive difference for Democrats in elections.

Now, what does Unz use his site for? To cater to the absolute worst of the right. Not the turds of the right but the chewed-up corn in the turds of the right. The lepers. The people whose very association with anyone who has a life can end that life. The crazies whose issues sink a candidate…issues that reasonable people will not go to bat for.

There are “poisonous” issues on the right that are worth fighting for. Crime stats and criminal tendencies by race, academic performance by race, factual stuff. The tunes Jazzman Steve plays. But Holocaust denial, the Protocols of Zion, Jews making “adrenochrome” from babies—nobody’s gonna go to the mat for that because those issues are the stuff of the stupid and the insane.

Unz exemplifies the right’s ideological dysgenics. Twenty-five years ago Unz was a player; he was in the game, getting things done. He was taking on the left—dude took on the teachers’ union! In California!—and he was appealing to white voters (especially blue-collar whites) on immigration-related issues. Real issues. And he accomplished things.

And now, he plays to the basement-dwellers, the dregs. And he himself has become one, a maestro of “transient outside a 7-Eleven” paranoid rants. It might be tempting to say, “Unz is only using the lunatics for the traffic,” but no; he’s one of them.

Unz’s trajectory is similar to Trump’s. Wealthy businessman with political ambitions, found success by appealing to white voters—especially blue-collar whites—on immigration-related issues, which led to electoral victory.

And then the ideological dysgenics kicked in. And now? We have a for-all-intents-and-purposes cult leader who posts QAnon madness involving Moloch child-eating, who accuses his opponents of being pedophiles, and whose acolytes in more than one high-profile instance are lit-uh-rul Hitler-loving Holocaust-denying Nazis.

This isn’t a new phenomenon. In 2004 I had lunch with former Orange County Rep. Bill Dannemeyer, one of the great California populists, a seven-term congressman. In his day, few were better on immigration. But when I met a retired Dannemeyer one scorching afternoon in September 2004, all he could talk about was Jews (evil) and the Holocaust (never happened).

That same day, walking back from my lunch with Bill, I stopped in a Barnes & Noble to cool off and get an iced coffee, and there, front and center in the nonfiction display by the door, was Michelle Malkin’s In Defense of Internment. Love the book or hate it, she’d been able to tackle a controversial immigration-related issue in an intelligent enough way to get a mainstream book in major stores.

And then the dysgenics kicked in and there she was a few years ago defending Nazis and Holocaust denial, either because her mind had gone (like Unz), or she couldn’t resist playing to the worst-of-the-worst because of the adoration she received.

What accounts for this? Leftists are loopy too, of course (as if I even have to say it). But…they’re loopy in a different way. Being strongly identity-focused, when you get outside the mainstream left you encounter a lot of nuttiness that’s based on “me me me. How can I feel better? Why am I failing?” It’s an inward-looking loopiness, not born of true introspection but an obsession with self. A point I’ve made before: Much of leftism is just the recovery movement with a political bent.

“Why am I so unfulfilled? So sad? So unloved? Maybe this septum piercing will do the trick. Okay, that didn’t work. I’ll get a face tattoo. Dammit, still not feeling ‘whole.’ I must be trans. Yeah, that’s it! I was born in the wrong body! I’ll cut my boobs off.”

“Man, why I can’t learn nothin’? Why I keep committin’ crimes? I comes from kingz! But racist microaggressions be makin’ me fail. Limitin’ my potential. Killin’ my self-esteem. Gimme my esteem back, whitey! Hey, let’s capitalize the ‘B’ in black. That’ll give me the dignity I need to stop robbin’ shit.”

Loopy leftists prove useful for mainstream leftists, who can push their favorite causes by holding up real human beings for cheap sentimentality. “Look at young Fabulosa here. They is trans, and they is about to commit suicide if Ron DeSantis gets his way. Do you want Fabulosa to die? DO YOU? Then validate they. And look at DaQuan here. White racism made him so sick he had to rape that girl. Ron DeSantis wants to lock him up; we want to cure him! Vote Soros! Oh, and donate to the DNC.”

But when you get outside the mainstream right, you encounter people who are looking outward, not inward. Seekers trying to find “the controllers,” the “puppet masters.” Sleuths trying to suss out a unified theory of events and causation. They care not for themselves, or their identity. They’re acting in the name of all humanity, dammit! “For all our sakes, we must fight Baron Moloch von Rothschild VIII! Don’t you see? He’s pitting us against each other!”

Even those fringe rightists who are identity-obsessed, the white nationalists, never stop there. They still need to sleuth out the masterminds! The grand scheme! Their whiteness is never enough; they must free all people from the Baron! For then there shall be peace.

That’s why loopy rightists are of no use to mainstream rightists. Whereas loopy leftists make good props—because suicidal trannies and incarcerated black teens are camera-ready cry-bait for suburban white women—loopy rightists do not make good props at all.

“This is MatrixEscaper1488, and he’s fighting the Rothschilds. Don’t you want him to find the Rothschilds? MatrixEscaper, are the Elders of Zion in the room with us now? They are? Everyone grab your invisible sword! And never drink adrenochrome; it’s babies. Oh, and donate to the RNC!”

See, it doesn’t work as well, does it?

Loopy leftists take actual pills (puberty blockers), loopy rightists take figurative ones (red, black). Even the term “woke,” as originally used by Marcus Garvey, was a call to activism, a demand to do something. But the right’s “red pill”?

“Ooooh, now I see the invisible rulers!”

“And what are you gonna do about it?”

“Uh…leave a comment at Unz.com!”

When leftists spotlight low-rung leftist detritus, like a “suicidal” trans teen or an incarcerated “oppressed” black teen, it’s for a reason. Gullible voters get all sentimental and support trannyism in schools and Soros-style “progressive prosecution.”

But if you spotlight a low-rung rightist lunatic, a guy who says, “Jews drink baby blood” or “Jews faked the Holocaust,” what’s supposed to come of that? What policy does it advance? What legislation? What can it possibly lead to except some nutcase shooting up a Jewish community center, leading to you guys hand-wringing about “Now they’re gonna be comin’ fer our gunz”?

Leftist nuts are useful to the left; rightist nuts are a liability to the right.

Unz.com is a farm churning out harvests of liabilities. That’s why I’m using Unz as an example. He went from useful to useless. His particular variety of insanity rendered him useless, and now like an evangelist he dedicates his life to making others useless.

This is a larger-than-acknowledged problem for the right. Nobody except Chamber of Commerce conservatives likes Chamber of Commerce conservatives. But once you start dipping your foot outside the establishment right, you risk either attracting the loonies or, like Unz, becoming one yourself. Now, you do have outside-the-mainstream rightists like Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow who run very tight ships. They don’t brook insanity. They make sure their content is focused, factual, and, therefore, effective. Which is why I’ll always defend them. But without their strong hand, without somebody’s strong hand, ideological dysgenics is forever the fate of the non-mainstream right.

And to repeat something I wrote last year, there aren’t enough Taylors and Brimelows to go around, and there are few if any new ones coming up in the ranks.

Lest you think I’m getting all Ben Shapiro on you and blanket-condemning criticism of Jews or revision of Holocaust history, keep in mind I’m a guy who tiptoes through those tulips all the time. Heck, a good man who’s become a good friend—a Memphis criminal courts judge—nearly got fired in 2019 for Facebook-sharing one of my columns about the destructive tendencies of Ashkenazi Jews. But the reason he didn’t get fired, the reason the state judicial review board cleared him, is because my column was well-reasoned.

In other words, not something you’d find at Unz.

The ADL, NAACP, and MALDEF all tried to get this man fired for posting “hate lit,” but the state’s highest judicial board looked at my work and determined, correctly, that even though I cuss a lot (hey—I’m almost 55, I’m allowed), my arguments were factual and reasonable.

The ability to tackle hot-potato issues without succumbing to Unzian dysgenics—without being pulled down by insanity or a desire to cater to the insane—is a skill. Brimelow, Taylor, Sailer have it. Coulter, it goes without saying, has it.

When you support ideological dysgenics—whether by patronizing Unz or giving “irony bro” support to grotesque liabilities like Ye, Milo, and Fuentes—you’re actively working against the skilled practitioners.

You’re becoming a liability yourself.

If the right can’t figure out how to separate from Con Inc. without degenerating into insanity, all is truly lost.


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