January 21, 2018

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The Week’s Most Cuckoo, Voodoo, and Taboo Headlines

The Roman Empire was perhaps the mightiest in world history—that is, until it became so overburdened with a “migrant crisis” that it collapsed.

And now it seems as if Italy, the greatest living remnant of the Roman Empire, may drown under a flood of new refugees from points south. It is estimated that within a maximum of sixty years, “50% of Italy’s inhabitants will be of African or Asian descent,” which is a polite way of saying that the cradle of the Catholic Church will be an Islamic nation. A Pew Research poll from 2016 found that 77% of Italians disapprove of the EU’s handling of the refugee crisis.

Attilio Fontana, the rather cadaverous-looking spokesman for Italy’s nationalist Northern League party, views the demographic shift as bad news. He told La Repubblica newspaper:

We must decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society must continue to exist or if it must be canceled out, because there are many more of them than us and they are much more determined to occupy this land than we are.

His comments did not sit well with the haggard and miserable-looking Ruth Dureghello, President of the Jewish Community of Rome, who wrote on Twitter:

It’s inconceivable that in 2018 one must repeat to ignorant ones that there doesn’t exist a white race to defend.…

Mind you, Dureghello is the president of an ethnic identity group stationed in Rome but with roots in the Middle East, yet she forbids indigenous Europeans from having any identity at all—in fact, she mocks the very idea that such people exist. How is this situation possibly sustainable? “Identity for me, but not for thee” may eventually lead to World War Three.

“How is this situation possibly sustainable? ‘Identity for me, but not for thee’ may eventually lead to World War Three.”

Leoluca Orlando, the mayor of Palermo, which has been buffeted by African refugees for years now, welcomes the soft annihilation of indigenous Italians in an article he recently penned for the French newspaper Libération:

[A] very beautiful thing happened, we were invaded by immigrants….If you ask me how many immigrants there are in Palermo, I do not answer 60, 70, or 80,000. Anyone who arrives in Palermo is a Palermo….The future has two names: Google and Ali the immigrant. Google expresses the virtual connection and Palermo is today the best wired and computerized city in the entire Mediterranean. Ali the migrant represents the human connection. We want to be a welcoming and modern city.

Don’t expect the current Pope to help the situation. He says it’s a sin not to bend over, pucker up, and welcome migrants.

Sylvia Witteman is an obese and crazy-looking Dutch woman who writes a daily column for deVolkskrant, which is apparently a publication in The Netherlands with an entirely white staff who are always bitching about the lack of racial diversity in everything except their own freakin’ staff.

Witteman recently admitted that she refuses to write anything bad about nonwhites—even if she’s describing a nonwhite person doing something bad, she will make them white anyway:

When I see something on the street where someone who is black, Turkish or Moroccan is doing something rotten, I often change him to a white Dutch person. Because otherwise I am being called a racist….About someone who is black, I would never again write that he is fat or ugly, because then I am a racist. I just write about white women with a figure like a dripping candle, that is possible. That self-censorship goes quite far, but yes, that’s the way it is.

This deliberate “whitewashing” of nonwhite wrongdoers recalls the habit of Swedish newspaper editors to either blur the faces of nonwhite criminal suspects or, in extreme cases, even “pink-pixelate” them so that they appear white.

Sweden could use a few hundred thousand Vikings right about now. So could The Netherlands. Plenty of places could.

Mo’Nique is an Oscar-winning “comedic actress” who, from the looks of things, never met a donut she didn’t like. She also, like many others of her ilk, uses an unnecessary apostrophe in her name, and we HATE that.

Netflix executives recently offered Mo’Nique a handsome $500K to star in her own comedy special. In case you weren’t aware, that is roughly the gross domestic product of several sub-Saharan nations. She refused and stomped on over to Instagram to encourage her nearly quarter-million followers to boycott Netflix because it engages in racial and gender bias.

As evidence, she cited the fact that Amy Schumer, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock were all offered far more money for their own comedy specials. In case you weren’t aware, Amy is a woman and the other two are black guys. Think about that—in an attempt to prove that Netflix was biased against women and nonwhites, she pointed out that the cable giant offered a woman and two black guys more money than they offered her.

Mo’Nique ain’t the sharpest bottle on the syrup shelf. In fact, we would be surprised to find out that in world history, anyone with an unnecessary apostrophe in their name had an IQ over 90.


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