June 03, 2018

Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan

Source: Tasnim News Agency

The Week’s Most Uptight, Impolite, and Dynamite Headlines

Tanning salon owner, English Defence League founder and anti-Islam agitant Tommy Robinson was jailed for 13 months on Friday for the crime of standing outside a British courtroom livestreaming his thoughts about a pedophile grooming gang trial whose defendants had names such as Mohammed Azeem, Mohammed Asaf Akram, Sajid Hussain, Nasarat Hussain, and Manzoor Hassan—not that they’re Muslims or anything.

The scrappy Robinson—whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon—was booked on a parole violation regarding a prior conviction for pretty much doing the same thing—i.e., standing outside an Islamic pedo gang trial and talking about it.

Since Islamic grooming gangs have been raping and brutalizing young white English teens in large numbers for quite some time now throughout that once-great nation—and it’s usually hush-hushed by authorities out of the deathly fear of being accused of the Unpardonable Sin of Racism—judges don’t want the jury to know about this epidemic lest jurors get angry and want to convict the latest rape gang to come along ripping the souls out of indigenous British youths.

These judges never bother to explain how jurors could possibly be influenced by Robinson’s livestream seeing as how they’re supposed to be in a courtroom watching the trial and not gawking at their iPhones.

In May of 2017 after Robinson’s first arrest for livestreaming, an astonishingly unpleasant-looking female judge reprimanded Robinson for daring to talk about a trial outside a trial while no one in the courtroom was able to hear him or be influenced by him. She denied that it was a politically motivated witch hunt:

This contempt hearing is not about free speech. This is not about the freedom of the press. This is not about legitimate journalism; this is not about political correctness; this is not about whether one political viewpoint is right or another. It is about justice, and it is about ensuring that a trial can be carried out justly and fairly….It is not about people prejudging a situation and going round to that court and publishing material, whether in print or online, referring to defendants as ‘Muslim pedophile rapists.’

Uh, dude? Sorry—I mean, milady? You just used the term “Muslim pedophile rapists,” too, and it’s been posted online. And any one of the jurors could find your comment as they sip their tea and nibble on their raspberry scones and search your name back at the hotel room, just like they could look up Robinson’s comments. What makes you better than him? Do you even have a point, babe?

Almost immediately after Robinson’s arrest, Judge Geoffrey Marson—who appears to have been born without an upper lip—took his bony fingers and wrapped them around the media’s throat, placing a gag order on any mention of the arrest. Across the Web, stories about the incident were suddenly yanked and erased and made to disappear. Within hours after being arrested, Robinson pleaded guilty to contempt of court and was handed 10 months for the contempt charge and three months for the probation violation, to be run consecutively.

“Surely God is losing his patience with this, no?”

The press blackout lasted a few days until the Independent and Leeds Live successfully fought the ban.

But for a few days, it seemed like not only was Tommy Robinson forbidden from talking about England’s Islamic Pedo Rape Wave—the whole world was, too. It’s better that nobody knows, because if they did, they could get angry and start doing things.

Nathan Larson, 37, currently lives in the town of Charlottesville, VA, where, as the president reminded us, there are fine people on both sides. In 2008 he tried running for Congress in Colorado but was disqualified and served 14 months in prison after threatening to kill George W. Bush

He is now running as an independent for Congress in Virginia. This is strange for oh, so many reasons.

Last year using the screen name “Lysander,” Larson looked forward to a day when incest was legal and the competition was “fierce” to get at children’s genitals:

I just want to bang my [three-year-old] daughter, actually, but even if it were legal, I’m not sure it would happen, since I don’t have custody. After sex with kids is legalized, parents (or other guardians) will still be gatekeepers to some extent, and a lot of them will want to bang their own kids and not share with others.

I think that to get with girls, whether they’re young or old, you’ll usually need to have charm and/or money. That’s especially true if you’re trying to get with the more attractive girls. Once sex with kids is legalized, I imagine the competition to get in their pants will be fierce.

Larson has also publicly confessed to raping his now ex-wife. Then he claimed that it was all a “mistake”—not the raping, mind you, but the confession.

He says he wants to make child pornography and incestuous marriage legal. He claims that women are not “competent to make their own sexual decisions at any age.”

He refers to Hitler as a “white supremacist hero,” and his highly entertaining campaign manifesto blames Jews for developing “the communist slave labor system,” complete with a classic anti-Semitic cartoon. He calls himself a “race realist” and says that “as long as whites are in control” in any given nation, it will remain a First World country.

This guy’s going places—most likely, to prison or the cemetery. But it would be fun as heck to see him in the House of Representatives.

Baltimore is a city where a few years ago the mayor offered rioters “a space to destroy” and whose residents responded by delivering a record homicide rate last year. Even when local organizers attempt to launch a high-profile cease-fire campaign begging citizens to “nobody kill anybody” for just one measly weekend, somebody done killed somebody anyway. It’s like they can’t help it.

Remember the months of outrage last year in Charlottesville when police allowed leftists to riot to the point where a man whose car was being attacked plowed into a crowd of people and a severely overweight girl died of a heart attack as a result?

Don’t expect to see anywhere near that level of outrage over a recent case in Baltimore County where a white female cop was run over and killed by a black male in a stolen Jeep. Authorities say that on May 21, four black teenagers were burglarizing homes Monday afternoon when Baltimore County Police Officer Amy S. Caprio approached a stolen Jeep being driven by 16-year-old Dawnta Harris of some West Baltimore Housing projects. This is when Harris allegedly floored it and fatally drove over Caprio. Harris is being charged with first-degree murder, as are his three alleged burglary accomplices, Darrell Jaymar Ward (15), Derrick Eugene Matthews (16), and Eugene Robert Genius IV, 17. Among the items allegedly stolen in a three-house burglary spree were a Heckler & Koch 9mm handgun, an Apple watch, an Xbox, and some Cool Ranch Doritos.

Prediction: Baltimore will not burn this time around the mulberry bush. The victim simply wasn’t the right color.


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