September 13, 2015

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The Week’s Most Acidic, Hasidic, and Anti-Semitic Headlines

As CNN and USA Today tell the story, the citizens of Europe erupted on Saturday in an ebullient, warm, kindhearted, and accepting mass celebration of the dusky hordes who have been spilling onto their shores like so much unassimilated seaweed. In rallies from London to Warsaw and from Athens to Stockholm, the fair-haired subjects of the European Union took to the streets chanting such positive-minded slogans as “Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here” and “We are all descendants of immigrants.” This was a joyous “show of solidarity,” a continental housewarming.

According to a Facebook page endorsing the continent-wide welcome mat:

We can’t let our governments close all our borders and build fences to keep people in need out. That’s not what Europe should be about.

Most Europeans, however, would beg to differ.

A Pew Research study from 2014 found that 86% of Greeks and 80% of Italians wanted fewer immigrants. This is understandable, seeing as these are the two main countries who are, against their citizens’ expressed will, serving as landing docks for what is becoming Camp of the Saints: The Reality Show. The same study also found that a majority of citizens in France and the UK also desired less immigration.

“€œDonald Trump continues to be the most exciting presidential candidate who ever threatened to divide the country.”€

These sentiments were echoed in a more recent German poll. Deutschland is expected to receive nearly a million “migrants” this year during this prolonged “humanitarian crisis,” which is why it’s terrifying and problematic and unacceptable that its citizenry wants fewer immigrants because of, you know, Nazis and stuff.

Despite the fact that this is what the citizens want, that’s clearly not what “democracy” is about.

Canadian comedienne (try saying that ten times fast) Nicole Arbour was recently squashed under a tubby mountain of outrage in the wake of her “Dear Fat People” video, in which the slim and rather fetching funny lady encourages the obese to shed pounds along with their false sense of pride.

The video righteously aggrieved one Meghan Tonjes, who is not only unacceptably and problematically fat, she acts as if it’s something worth celebrating. She said that the much more attractive Arbour’s video constituted “fat-shaming,” and the whale-sized backlash led to YouTube temporarily yanking Arbour’s account.

Also horrified and shocked at Arbour’s video”€”seriously, the precious snowflake claimed that he “was so upset I was shaking like Shelley Duvall in The Shining””€”was gay male director Pat Mills, who said he decided not to hire Arbour to star in a movie project Mills describes as “a body-positive teen dance movie set in a retirement home.”

From outward appearances, John Friend was an amiable, hard-working, attentive, and popular clerk for the City’s Manager’s Office in Escondido, CA. But beneath his unobjectionable exterior beat the heart of a raging Jew-hater, anti-Semite, and Yid-basher who hosted a website that made such preposterous claims as the wackadoodle idea that in WWII, “€œThe real mass murderers were the western Allies.”€ Although this is technically true”€”in nearly all wars throughout history, the winners were the better killers, and WWII is no exception”€”such thoughtcrimes are clearly unacceptable and problematic. In order to foster a more inclusive and tolerant society, we must exclude and never tolerate such thinking.

California’s prison system currently houses 385 “transgender” inmates, and as luck would have it, 94% of those are men who think they’re women. Even though “gender” is a social construct and doesn’t really exist, it’s mathematically fascinating that nearly all of the “transgendered” are men who think they’re women rather than the opposite.

San Francisco’s county jail system has promised that by the end of the year, its tranny inmates will be able to choose jails that conform with their “gender identity” rather than what the LA Times refers to as “the gender they were assigned at birth.” You read that correctly”€”although it poses as an objective news source, the LA Times has eagerly cum-guzzled such completely nonsensical and 100% ideology-driven phrases as “the gender they were assigned at birth.”


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