January 19, 2015

George Soros

George Soros

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The Week’s Most Frustrating, Irritating, and Aggravating Headlines

On Sunday January 11, an estimated 3.7 million people in France took to the streets to denounce terrorism and support free speech in the wake of a massacre at the offices of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Among the marchers were a dozen or so international leaders who are well-known for persecuting and beating and jailing writers and reporters in their own countries.

Within two days of this nationwide march to prove that France supported free speech, the French government arrested 54 people for hate speech and thoughtcrimes. Most of these cases either involved “€œcondoning terrorism”€ or “€œthreatening to carry out terrorist acts.”€ Sprinkled in among the arrestees were those accused of making “€œanti-Semitic”€ remarks.

One of the gendarmes“€™ prize captures last week was the fat black bearded French comedian Dieudonné M”€™Bala M”€™Bala, who has previously been convicted of “€œanti-Semitism,”€ which is apparently illegal in France. Last Wednesday the fat black bearded anti-Semitic French funnyman”€”who once ran for public office on an “€œanti-Zionist”€ platform and is known for a downward hand gesture that many insist is hostile toward Jews”€”was arrested on charges of “€œdefending terrorism”€ for a Facebook comment where he claimed he felt like Amedy Coulibaly, the gunman who murdered four Jewish hostages at a kosher grocery store in Paris last week.

In an open letter on Facebook to the French Minister of the Interior, Dieudonné wrote:

Since the beginning of last year, I have been treated as public enemy number one, when all I try to do is make people laugh, and laugh about death, because death laughs at us all, as Charlie knows now, unfortunately. … Whenever I speak, you do not try to understand what I”€™m trying to say, you do not want to listen to me. You are looking for a pretext to forbid me. You consider me like Amedy Coulibaly when I am not any different from Charlie.

Sounds like free speech to us. But like so many these days, French officials draw a thick imaginary line between “€œfree speech”€ and “€œhate speech.”€ Last week French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira vowed to fight hate speech with the “€œutmost vigor.”€ On Monday, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that “€œRacism, anti-Semitism, historical revisionism, and condoning terrorism are not opinions”€”they are crimes.”€

“€œWithin two days of this nationwide march to prove that France supported free speech, the French government arrested 54 people for hate speech and thoughtcrimes.”€


As everyone who watches TV reality shows and Hollywood movies knows, the American South is an evil snake pit of moral decrepitude where inbred yet sinister white people are routinely committing hate crimes against black people merely because the nation’s shameful institutional mooring of white supremacy is still entrenched.

Despite all that, two billboard owners in the southern parts of the US capitulated last week after receiving complaints that their billboards were deeply and unforgivably offensive.

The first was on US Highway 75 near Dallas, TX. The offending billboard hosted an ad for REPARATIVE THERAPY, which is apparently some sort of de-gaying process performed by a therapist whose real name”€”no kidding”€”is David Pickup. But after complaints started pouring in, Terry Kafka”€”again, no kidding”€”the owner of the billboard company that hosted the scandalously anti-gay message, pulled the gay-deprogramming billboard and said its message was “€œrepulsive to me personally.”€

Along Interstate 59 near Springville, AL, complaints led to the removal of a white billboard with four simple lines in black type:

Chasing Down The
Last White Person
#white genocide

A spokesman for Dyar Advertising, the company that placed the billboard, claims he”€™ll suffer a financial loss as a result of pulling it: “€œIt’s a financial burden. But I”€™d much rather have the financial burden than the threats and being called a racist.”€

Wouldn”€™t we all?

Finally, in the cloistered hamlet of Harrison, AR”€”which is probably Ground Zero for white-power public signage in the USA, seeing as how last year the town made headlines when someone defaced a billboard containing “€œthe mantra“€”€”there stubbornly persists a billboard that shows a small white girl cradling a puppy alongside the headline “€œIt’s Not Racist to (heart) Your People”€ and a link for WhitePrideRadio.com. It may be assumed that this billboard has not been removed or defaced because no one wants to hurt the girl or the puppy.

It’s probably inaccurate to call Monifa Sanford a sight for sore eyes; more than likely, she’s a sight that can give you sore eyes. She is one decidedly unsightly 22-year-old woman.

If it helps any, her first name rhymes with “€œMonica,”€ which almost makes less sense than if it were pronounced “€œMo-NEEF-a.”€ It gets increasingly hard to keep up with black people and their naming strategies.

Last week Sanford pled guilty to the ritual exorcism-style murder of two children and the torture-stabbings of two additional children who survived a brutal onslaught by Sanford and her alleged partner in crime, Zakeiya Avery, who still awaits trial and is the natural mother of all four children who suffered the attack.

Testimony revealed that over the course of months, Avery and Sanford convinced one another that nearly everything in their lives”€”inanimate objects, Avery’s children, and even their own bodies”€”were demon-possessed. They fancied themselves “€œdemon assassins”€ who partnered with two male demon assassins”€”named “€œTroy Williams”€ and “€œDawntea Cross,”€ even though it turned out that neither male ever existed”€”to slay demons wherever they found them. As noted, these two chicks found demons everywhere.

Shortly after their blood-soaked orgy of lung-puncturing knife thrusts against helpless children and even a knife battle between Sanford and Avery themselves”€”they were apparently trying to drive demons out of one another, too”€”Sanford confessed to police in calm detail. “€œI’m glad the children are in heaven,”€ she told investigators, “€œbut I miss them.”€

Sixteen-year-old Liverpudlian student John Denno recently constructed a series of dioramas depicting events in Germany from Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 until his 1945 suicide. What’s most remarkable is that these highly detailed tableaus are entirely constructed from Lego pieces. The only part of the entire exhibit that was improvised is Hitler’s mustache, which Denno drew on with a marker.

These highly detailed, lovingly rendered scenes include “€œThe Reichstag Building Is Burned,”€ “€œRiots Destroy Jewish Shops,”€ “€œAuschwitz Is Opened,”€ and “€œHitler Commits Suicide.”€ If you choose to see one only all-Lego exhibit devoted to historical atrocities this year, make it this one.


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