July 24, 2016

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The Week’s Most Spiteful, Frightful, and Inciteful Headlines

While America burns due to misguided rage inflamed by the myth that trigger-happy white cops are gunning down innocent black males as if they were bloodthirsty safari hunters poaching gentle gazelles cavorting across the African plains, along comes the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald to make Black Lives Matter look numerically brain-damaged.

Mac Donald’s new book The War on Cops goes into such excruciating detail regarding killer cops and cop killers that it is outright sadistic toward anyone whose narrative may be shattered by the facts.

In an article for City Journal and two articles for the Washington Post (#1 and #2) last week, Mac Donald set the fact-manglers and outright liars running as if she were a one-woman torch mob. Among her findings:

“€¢ American blacks commit homicide at 11 to 12 times the per-capita rate of whites.

“€¢ A multi-city study found that police were “47 percent less likely to discharge their weapon without first being attacked if the suspect was black than if the suspect was white.”

“€¢ Black officers in the NYPD were more than three times likelier to use their gun at shooting scenes than white officers.

“€œ‘Only lies need to be protected by laws.’ Wisest thing we’ve read all year.”€

“€¢ As a quotient of overall homicide victims for their respective groups, whites and Hispanics were three times more likely than blacks to die as a result of police shootings.

“€¢ In 2015, 36 unarmed black males died from police shootings, whereas 52 police were murdered.

“€¢ So far in 2016, twice as many whites than blacks have died from police shootings, matching the pace set last year.

“€¢ A study of “America’s 75 largest counties” in 2009 found that compared to their percentage of the population, blacks were overrepresented 380% as murder defendants, 300% as assault defendants, and 413% as robbery defendants.

Mac Donald makes one crucial distinction between now and the 1960s, when it also “seemed that the very foundation of society was breaking apart”:

The difference between the 1960s and today is that the hatred of law enforcement and of whites is being stoked by the highest reaches of the establishment. Universities sometimes seem like little else than factories of desperately ginned-up racial grievance….The country has been pretending that the main source of racism today comes from whites. Anyone who has spent time in the inner city and even more middle-class black precincts”€”such as college campuses”€”knows differently….It may be too late to stop this fire from spreading.

Cenk Uygur is a greasy fat turd who named his talk show The Young Turks after the perpetrators of the Armenian genocide, yet he’s seemingly spent most of his professional career flatulently railing against white “racists” such as Jared Taylor.

Last Thursday afternoon in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention, porcine anti-globalist Alex Jones”€”who often covers important stories despite his unfortunate penchant for crying or screaming on air”€”crashed The Young Turks’ set during filming.

Jones unfurled a T-shirt depicting Bill Clinton’s face and the word RAPE, but Uygur didn’t seem truly “triggered” until he noticed pro-Trump gadfly Roger Stone off-camera. Uygur accused Stone of being “the biggest liar in media,” whereupon Stone asked him to name one lie he’d ever told. It nearly ended in a round of Fat Fisticuffs between Fat Globalist Uygur and Fat Anti-Globalist Jones during which Uygur’s cohost Ana Kasparian called Jones a “fat fuck,” ignoring the fact that her boss is objectively fatter and undeniably more of a fuckhead than Alex Jones.

Monika Schaefer is a former Green Party candidate from Alberta who now faces hate-speech charges for daring to post two online videos questioning the Holocaust.

The child of German immigrants, Schaefer says her mother swore that she had no knowledge that Jews were being murdered en masse during WWII. Schaefer now says that her mother didn’t know “because these things did not happen.” In a video called “€œSorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust,”€ Schaefer calls it “the most persistent lie in all of history”:

If the evidence supported the Holocaust, they wouldn”€™t need laws prohibiting debate. They would show us the evidence. Only lies need to be protected by laws. The truth stands on its own.

“Only lies need to be protected by laws.” Wisest thing we’ve read all year.


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