July 28, 2014

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The Week’s Bloodiest, Muddiest, and Cruddiest Headlines

White people in the Anglosphere are so mentally beaten down these days that they dare not make a peep about being white without automatically welding it to an apology signed in their own blood. Racially motivated violent crimes by whites against nonwhites are almost entirely extinct, which is why the media had to paint George Zimmerman in whiteface.

Therefore, in lieu of actually finding hard evidence of rampant white racism to prop up their crumbling narrative, the egalitarian left must continue to imagine it as a constant threat, to project racist hatred onto places and situations where sane minds would never see it.

Enter Thomas the Tank Engine, a seemingly benign animated children’s character who, according to Tracy Van Slyke of The Guardian, is merely a front for vile pro-capitalist, anti-woman, anti-gay, and anti-black “subversive messages.”

For one thing, Thomas labors under the commands of a fat, top-hat-wearing boss. The show also suffers from a dearth of female trains, and in one episode a male train was mocked for being pink. But most damningly:

[W]hen the good engines pump out white smoke and the bad engines pump out black smoke”€”and they are all pumping out smoke”€”it’s not hard to make the leap into the race territory.

No, it’s not hard at all”€”at least not if you”€™re an insane, brainwashed ideologue.

“€œIf gender is only a social construct, how can trannies be so sure they’re the other gender?”€

On Saturday in Monroe, GA, for the tenth year in a row, actors reenacted the 1945 lynching of two black couples in that city, which is thought to be the last “mass lynching” of blacks in American history. Georgia State Representative Tyrone Brooks is attempting to open an investigation to find the perpetrators, despite the fact that it happened 69 years ago and the perps are likely long dead. It’s unclear how continually reminding blacks of what are now nearly ancient crimes will do anything besides encourage them to continue their current pattern of violently victimizing whites in the here and now.

According to members of a black fraternity at the University of Arkansas, someone reportedly uttered racist comments at them through an open window at 3AM last Sunday. Police are now investigating it as a hate crime. It must be nice to enjoy that level of police protection and public sympathy.

Serial mental-health patient Richard Plotts of Clifton Heights, PA, was arrested twice in 1990 for carrying an unlicensed firearm. He was convicted in 1996 of a federal bank robbery, which made him legally ineligible to ever carry a firearm again. In 2003, he was convicted yet again of carrying an unauthorized firearm. According to unidentified workers at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital in nearby Darby, PA, Plotts”€”who attended the hospital as a psychiatric outpatient”€”had complained in the past of a hospital sign that declared it a “€œgun-free zone.”€

Police claim that on Thursday afternoon at the hospital, armed with a loaded revolver and 39 extra bullets, Plotts held a gun to a caseworker’s head and killed her instantly. He then began allegedly shooting at his psychiatrist, Lee Silverman. Unfortunately for Plotts, Silverman had a concealed-carry permit. Despite the hospital’s gun ban, Silverman was carrying that afternoon. He pulled out his gun and shot at Plotts six times, hitting him once in the arm and twice in the chest. Other hospital workers tackled Plotts to the ground and wrested the gun from him. Silverman was slightly injured; Plotts was hospitalized and placed under sedation. On Saturday night, police charged him with murder at his hospital bedside.

It was not the first time that an armed civilian prevented a potential mass shooting. The progressive narrative seems to be that the country has too many guns, so we have to get rid of them. Why don”€™t they apply the same standard to illegal aliens?

British Columbia has a new law that allows pre-surgical “€œtransgender”€ people to change their gender on their birth certificate. Little 11-year-old Hariette Cunningham of Vancouver Island was one of the first to pounce on this new law. His”€”yes, it’s a “€œhe,”€ despite what the young boy claims”€”father, Colin Cunningham, complains that Hariette “€œwasn”€™t being acknowledged for who she really was.”€

Bosnian-born model Andreja Pejic announced last week that he has “€œofficially transitioned from male to female,”€ which is a nice way of saying he had his penis removed and has been pumped full of female hormones that his body wouldn”€™t produce naturally. An official for GLAAD celebrated the announcement, claiming it will “€œsend a message to other transgender people that there’s nothing wrong with who you are.”€

In Nova Scotia, a female power-lifter says she is now proud that male athletes are also pretending she’s a male after she underwent extensive hormone-replacement therapy.

What’s most depressing in this rainbow-colored miasma of freakdom is the fact that most of the mainstream press has fallen completely in line with the madness of those who suffer from gender dysphoria. Nearly without exception, reporters will compliantly refer to these attention-starved nutbars by their chosen delusional gender pronouns, genitals and DNA be damned. Which begs the question: If gender is only a social construct, how can trannies be so sure they’re the other gender?


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