November 20, 2016

The Week’s Most Deluded, Denuded, and Polluted Headlines

Since leftism is based on the implausible and transparently fraudulent notion of innate human equality, it finds itself engaged in a perpetual wrestling match with basic reality. The international media complex that was so deeply in the tank for Hillary Clinton steadfastly refuses to believe that people simply don”€™t believe them anymore. Major media outlets also appear to believe that their chosen candidate”€”remember, only one American daily newspaper endorsed Trump”€”lost simply because they didn”€™t call people racists, sexists, homophobes, and Islamophobes enough. They appear to believe that if they double down on that strategy, they will surely win next time.

Because free speech is obviously inimical to leftist dogma, the massive institutions that push globalist universalism upon a mostly unwilling public have decided to silence dissent based upon the ruse that not only does “€œhate speech”€ exist, it is something entirely different than free speech.

The ongoing clampdown on “€œhate speech”€ will only escalate in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory. This was chillingly illustrated when tech giant Twitter”€”arguably the chief facilitator of Trump’s success”€”suspended several high-profile Alt-Right accounts in one fell swoop last Tuesday. Among the accounts purged for allegedly violating the site’s “€œhateful conduct policy”€ were three that belonged to Alt-Right pioneer and former Taki’s Mag editor Richard Spencer, a paragon of good manners who has never been known to conduct himself hatefully.  According to Spencer:

I am alive physically but digitally speaking there has [sic] been execution squads across the Alt-Right….It is corporate Stalinism in the sense that there is a great purge going on and they are purging people on the basis on their views….Twitter is trying to airbrush the Alt-Right out of existence…They”€™re clearly afraid. They will fail!

Other luminaries who were marched out into the digital forest and shot in the back of the head were Pax Dickinson, Ricky Vaughn, and John Rivers. Hideous oily matzo ball Heidi Beirich of anti-white hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center expressed such joy at the purge that she was fairly shvitzing herself.

“€œHere’s hoping that the establishment media fails to “€˜get it”€™ for at least another four years.”€

To test Twitter’s ideological bias, someone calling himself “€œAlbert Dumbledore“€ posted the following two tweets under different accounts and then reported them to Twitter as abusive:

I fucking hate white people and their inconsiderate asses for voting for Trump. Fuck you.

I fucking hate black people and their inconsiderate asses for voting for Clinton. Fuck you.

Only one account was banned. No prizes for guessing which one.

Many Alt-Righters are fleeing Twitter in favor of Gab, a newer site that promises no ideological censorship but, to its severe discredit, makes it a monstrous pain in the ass to register with its clunky and possibly fatal “€œwaiting list”€ system.

To prop up its crumbling agenda, for years the leftist establishment media has fed the public one fake narrative after the next, causing bloodshed due to its dishonesty.

If the media had bothered to publicize the fact that Rodney King had two partners with him who didn”€™t get beaten by police that fateful night because they obeyed orders to stay on the ground rather than repeatedly getting up and attacking them like King did, the Los Angeles riots of 1992 would likely have never happened and 55 lives would have been spared.

If the media had been honest about the fact that Trayvon Martin was not the cherubic prepubescent Hershey’s Kiss they depicted him as and was rather a thug-in-training who smashed George Zimmerman’s skull into the ground, a rash of violent attacks in his name would probably have never occurred.

If the media had not constructed a howlingly fake “€œhands up, don”€™t shoot”€ narrative about Michael Brown and instead had focused on the fact that he robbed a convenience store moments before his encounter with a white cop and then attempted to steal the cop’s gun, then the riots in Ferguson, MO, would likely have never happened and the savagely innumerate and frequently violent hate group Black Lives Matter would never have been hatched.

If nearly the entire establishment media didn”€™t pose with a fake veneer of objectivity rather than admit they were actively colluding with the Clinton campaign, people might actually trust the media.

But the leftist media”€”because it is leftist rather than because it is the media”€”exists frozen in a state of perpetual nonreality.

As luck would have it, the progenitor of a list of “€œfake news”€ sites that was widely disseminated in the mainstream media is a largely unknown assistant college professor and militant feminist named Melissa Zimdars who specializes in “€œfat acceptance”€ rhetoric, presumably because she’s fat.

Despite the fact that former Facebook employees revealed this past summer that they routinely screened out pro-conservative news stories, this election cycle’s laughably bitter losers are blaming Trump’s victory on the silly notion that Facebook promoted “€œfake journalism”€ by not pushing exclusively leftist propaganda.

“€œDonald Trump Won Because of Facebook“€ chirps former Gawker editor Max Read in a fact-free piece in which the quintessentially geeky beta white male progressive manages to misspell the simple word “€œsystem.”€ (It has an “€œm,”€ Max.) Other sites such as Ezra Klein’s Vox piled on with the fake idea that Facebook’s promotion of “€œfake news”€”€”rather than the obvious fact that the coastal elite media is resolutely blind to the experiences and wishes of the 60 million or so Americans who voted for Trump”€”is why Trump won.

Here’s hoping that the establishment media fails to “€œget it”€ for at least another four years.


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