June 14, 2017

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A Marxist professor at Syracuse University just called on lunatics to come and kill us. “€œWe almost have the fascists on the run,”€ she said from her Twitter account, @danaleecloud, “€œcome down to the federal building to finish them off.”€ By “€œfascists”€ she means people like you and me who oppose Sharia law, and by “€œfinish them off”€ she likely means death. This is what Robert Spencer has been saying since he was poisoned. The left dehumanizes us with violent rhetoric so it will be easier to kill us. They don”€™t want to challenge our ideas. They want to end our lives, and they are willing to do it by any means necessary. I don”€™t think they care if it’s a mentally ill person or a jihadi who does the killing, as long as we”€™re taken out. They themselves say, “€œThe only good fascist is a dead one,”€ and it’s going mainstream. Plays in the park depict long, drawn-out scenes of Trump being stabbed to death. Kathy Griffin holds the president’s severed head. Rap videos play out the assassination of Trump. In fact, the whole concept of assassination has been normalized by the mainstream media.

“€œThese people don”€™t think they”€™re killing someone they disagree with. They think they”€™re killing Hitler.”€

The professor was talking about the March Against Sharia events last Saturday. Syracuse was one of dozens of cities that held a rally to oppose the worst Islam can get. I hosted the New York City one, which was organized by gay conservative Paxton Hart. The reason Sharia was chosen was to erase any ambiguity about what we”€™re here to protest. Whether there should be a moratorium on Muslim immigration is debatable. The assimilability of Islam is also a controversial subject. By going way out to the edge of religious extremism, we thought we found something everyone can agree on. We were wrong. Hundreds of protesters showed up in New York to “€œDrown us out,”€ as they put it. They said our event had nothing to do with Sharia and was all about hatred of Muslims. I honestly think they would have said the same thing if we had done a rally against child rape gangs. They held up huge pictures of the stabbing victims in Oregon as if Jeremy Christian was one of our guys (sorry, but he was a Bernie Bro just like the man who shot Steve Scalise). Islam apologist Dean Obeidallah made the same mistake and tweeted to me, “€œSaw ur last anti-Sharia rally on the train in Portland last week where 2 were killed-will ur people be killing more soon?”€ Some of us went over to speak to the protesters and explain that Jeremy was a deranged man who stabbed people because they were demanding he not offend Muslims. In other words, they died of political correctness. They threw piss at us (again) and we beat them up.

When I got to the stage, I did the first half of my talk as a sexist pig who loved Sharia law. I said women are terrible drivers and with Sharia, you don”€™t have to worry about broads driving ever again. I said it’s awesome because you get to punish your wife if she doesn”€™t want to blow you. You make her sleep on the couch and if she still refuses, you get to beat the shit out of her. I also said Sharia is cool because you don”€™t have to hear women bitching about rape all the time. She has to get tons of witnesses and even then her testimony is worth only half what a man’s is. Finally, I said I get too horny walking down the street and can”€™t concentrate, but if we could cover up these chicks we could focus on just hanging out with the guys. I bombed, obviously, but that was the point. Like a true martyr, I used one big bomb to prevent future bombs.


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