June 03, 2016

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We have reached peak topsy-turvy. Whatever is up is down, whatever is good is bad, and whatever you should be proud of should bring shame. Heroes are villains in this day and age and shooting an ape that’s about to kill a child needs an explanation. If you rescue your wife from being raped, you will be arrested. If you set aside a day to memorialize the fallen soldiers who fought for our freedom, we”€™re going to use it to make you feel guilty about slavery. Conversely, pedophiles deserve some respect. Archaic cultures that abuse women and gays enrich our lives. We get mentally ill drag queens in our bathrooms and Muslims are allowed to have “€œwomen-only“€ time in the pool where they wear so much burqa it changes the color of the water.

If you notice this pattern and speak out you”€™re likely to lose your job, but the evidence is impossible to avoid. Anything straight white male is villainous and anything non”€“straight white male is heroic. In the case of the husband who beat the rapist to death, he’s black. However, he was behaving in a manner that mimics the white male patriarchy of yore so he needs to be punished as such. Razib Khan was fired from The New York Times for being racist even though he’s brown and everyone involved in his lynching was white. The war on the West has become so hungry, they”€™re running out of white males and have begun cannibalizing their own. Now white gays are racist if they don”€™t want to blow black dudes. When the UCLA shooting happened on Wednesday many assumed a white supremacist was on the loose. They”€™ve invested so much into this narrative, they now want it to be true and must have been crushed to learn the shooter was an Indian named Mainak Sarkar. Even the ape shooting had to have a racial component. Apparently if the boy was black they would have risked a tranquilizer dart. Turns out the boy was black after all so they changed the narrative to be about how the ape shouldn”€™t have died. The shooter doesn”€™t deserve an interrogation. He deserves a parade.

“€œTo be called shitty or a nut is now a compliment.”€

To be able to enforce this kind of discipline against anything traditionally Western is a form of privilege in itself, a non-white male privilege, or as I like to call it, #NoWhiMP. This fits nicely because the people who get to use it are total wimps when it comes to the word “€œno.”€ The NoWhiMPs get to crawl through your personal history and find something racist they can ruin your life with no matter how long ago it happened. Nick Solares was suspended from his job as a restaurant critic because he might have associated with Nazis when he was 18. That was over thirty years ago. This week, Andrew W.K.’s club was reportedly shut down because they were hosting a punk music festival called Oi! Fest. The crime committed involved a few angry teenage boys sieg heiling in the mosh pits at one of the shows at a previous festival. To be clear, because of what happened for one second at one band’s show one year, the entire festival has to be shut down (even though it has all new bands now) and the venue that dared to host it must be closed for good.

The Muslims in Rotherham ran a successful child prostitution ring for many years. The police didn”€™t stop it because they didn”€™t want to offend the NoWhiMPs. Cut to just this week when Rotherham Muslims demanded that the pro-English group Pegida UK be prevented from holding a peaceful march. When the punks mentioned above were told they must be punished, they took their lumps and moved on. When Muslims in a town where children were raped are made to feel slightly uncomfortable for a day, we kowtow. Everything bad is good and everything good is bad.

Look at gun nuts. Being nuts is supposed to be a bad thing, but they are some of the most rational and kind people you”€™ll ever meet. They”€™re also the most informed. I know it didn”€™t seem like that when Katie Couric asked them about felons buying guns, but that’s because she edited in a pause to make them look stupid. They actually had a plethora of well-thought-out answers to her question.

The NY Post recently reported on some “€œShitty Moms“€ who commit crimes such as refusing to helicopter parent and forcing the kids to stay outside all day. Their movement is as “€œshitty”€ as the Second Amendment is “€œnuts”€ and in both cases the hate groups involved are taking the term as a compliment. That’s how long it’s all been upside down. To be called shitty or a nut is now a compliment.


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