June 12, 2023

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As Annual Excessive Gay Pride Month continues, it is important we all pause for a moment and remember the ongoing trans genocide—and even more important we remember no such thing is actually happening.

Around 32 trannies were killed across America in 2022, not necessarily even for being trannies, but for other reasons entirely: As far as “genocides” go, that has to be the biggest flop since Hitler failed to gas George Soros.

Years ago, teaching in a school in the English city of Liverpool, I encountered a student who had never heard of the Nazi Holocaust. When I explained to her that the Germans had killed perhaps 6 million Jews, she appeared shocked. “Six million?” she asked. “Yes,” I replied. “That’s almost as bad as Hillsborough…” she concluded. (U.S. readers may not know that Hillsborough was a 1980s soccer-stadium disaster in which 97 Liverpool FC fans died—more than 32, but rather fewer than 6 million.)

“If Bridges wants to see what real genocide looks like, he should get on his bike and go to Auschwitz.”

These days, the little girl may well have been accused of Holocaust Denialism, such are the low standards now needed to tar someone perfectly innocent with that particular useful weaponized smear.

Mother Ted
One recent victim of this tactic was Graham Linehan, a comedy writer once best known for the great 1990s British sitcom Father Ted, about three semi-retarded Catholic priests living on a remote Irish island. Today, Linehan sadly now appears more famous for having been summarily cast out of his profession by liberal media-land for the heinous sin of continuing to believe women exist.

Linehan holds a particular animus against Eddie Izzard, a once-amusing cross-dressing English comedian who today implausibly self-identifies both as being a woman and as still being funny. In 2021, Izzard had appeared in a film, Six Minutes to Midnight, about a Nazi finishing school for girls.

In publicity interviews, Izzard expressed the belief that, had he lived in Nazi Germany himself, “I would have been murdered [in a death camp] for saying that I was trans.” Eddie also said that if he had been a German back then, he hoped he would have stood up to Hitler & Co.’s speeches by saying. “No, this is rubbish. This person is lying.”

Ironically, however, once Izzard began ostentatiously urinating in women’s toilets and then criticizing any terrified females who objected, the one comedy-world figure actually brave enough to stand up to our current extremist political rulers and further wreck his own career by saying, “No, this is rubbish. This person is lying,” was in fact Graham Linehan.

Death Camp for Cutie
This March, Linehan put out a tweet mocking both Eddie Munster’s fairly Aryan appearance and the hyperbole of his rhetoric: “Ah, yes, the Nazis, famously bigoted against straight white men with blonde hair.” (Izzard is not actually gay; he claims to be a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, a line that once sounded funny until it later transpired he actually meant it.)

U.K. Labour Party MP Rosie Duffield, another brave dissident who also continues to believe in the physical existence of vaginas, possibly because she actually has one, liked Linehan’s tweet. Big mistake.

Ash “Literally a Communist” Sarkar of Novara Media, a far-left online political outlet, tweeted to her 400,000-plus followers that Duffield merely liking this tweet equated to “outright Holocaust denial.” Supposedly, Linehan’s obvious joke “contains Holocaust revisionism,” as “Trans people were sent to die in concentration camps by the Nazis. This is a historical fact, and it is disgusting that a sitting Labour MP would approve of its denial,” typed Sarkar.

Pressure group LGBT Labour joined in, unwittingly imitating the gestapo by reportedly encouraging members to report Duffield to Party authorities and demand current Labour Führer Sir Keir Stürmer suspend her, as “any attempt to erase the systematic murder of LGBT (including trans) people by Nazi Germany is historical revisionism of the worst kind.”

But nobody had ever tried to do anything of the sort. A professional joke-writer just wrote a joke on Twitter.

Cycles of Violence
The most egregious recent instance of falsely crying “genocide!” came from Emily “Jeff” Bridges, a professional male cyclist fast enough to have set a British junior men’s record in 2018, but perhaps not quite good enough to win the sport’s leading trophies when up against the big boys. Now claiming to be female, Zach (Bridges’ male birth-name) sought to enter women’s races instead, where he would enjoy an innate physical advantage.

Yet in May, British Cycling announced that trans “women” like him would be barred from female events, instead having to enter a new “open” category, in which normal men would compete against abnormal men wearing lipstick—i.e., men’s races, verbally rebranded. As such, Mr. Bridges acted like he evidently feels women stereotypically should do, by having a screaming hissy fit on Instagram.

Apparently, stopping men from winning all the medals that rightfully belong to women was now “a violent act.” British Cycling was a quasi-fascistic organization, fulminated Jeff, as it was funded by the racist British government, “a state that ships vulnerable refugees to Rwanda” and “starves their [own] people” somehow. Cycling “is one of the whitest, straightest sports out there, and you couldn’t care less,” he chided British Cycling. I certainly couldn’t.

See Emily Play (the Victim)
Blind to his own narcissism, Bridges bemoaned British Cycling’s “entitled and narrow worldview,” a phrase more apt to describe his own weltanschauung. Just because Jeff had now purchased a wig, the entirety of public sporting life and actual physical biology itself should now suddenly be rearranged purely to suit his own deluded personal whims. Britisher Bike Nazis had “no ability for nuance or any desire to question the view [that men cannot magically become women] that they’ve been told since birth.”

Worse, the British government had recently engaged in trade talks with “Ron DeSantis’ fascist state” of Florida, “which kidnaps [trans] children and is itching to pass legislation to ban us from public life,” i.e., from women’s toilets and sports. By accepting funding from Nazi Florida by proxy, British Cycling was “furthering a genocide against us. Bans from sport is how it starts.”

Therefore, “literal Nazis, conspiracy theorists and those who want our eradication” were controlling all professionally arranged British bicycle races. That sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. But then, the “whole discussion” about transgenderism was “framed by the media who are driven through…hate and funding from far-right ultra-capitalists,” so maybe I have just been duped by the 2020s reincarnation of all those 1930s Jewish press barons we were once warned about by the actual “literal Nazis.”

Pedaling Nonsense
Like a Holocaust survivor always keeping two packed suitcases ready in case of emergency, Bridges was “having to consider an exit plan from this terrible island” as “I have friends getting hate-crimed all the time,” leaving him unable to make any future life-plans as “I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to live that long.” “Do you have any idea what that does to someone psychologically?” Bridges asked. To judge by your own example, it turns you into a total nutter.

This “is my reality right now,” the solipsistic crybaby concluded. “I hope the media have fun cherry-picking quotes from this and making me look hysterical.” It was more difficult cherry-picking non-hysterical quotes to leave out.

“Unbelievable, Jeff!” as they used to say on SkySports. If Bridges wants to see what real genocide looks like, he should get on his bike and go to Auschwitz. Should he work up a sweat along the way, he could always take a shower.

Eric the Red…
If Bridges carried on pedaling into Germany, what signs of modern-day trans genocide might he find in the old Third Reich Bavarian heartlands of Himmler and Hitler? Not much. The biggest trans story of the year there involved not industrialized mass murder, but Munich Library shamelessly engaging a trio of trannies (one a 13-year-old child) to indoctrinate toddlers as part of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Amongst the totally non-corrupting stories being read to tots in Munich was Felix’s New Skirt, in which “a boy is teased by other children for wearing a skirt before his father turns up at the school in a skirt [too] and persuades them to accept his son’s taste in clothes,” probably by threatening to immediately rape them all in the playground if they don’t.

The most controversial storyteller at Munich Library was someone named Eric Big Clit, who, to be fair, probably does possess a very large clitoris indeed—because it is actually his penis. Accurately describing himself as a “ProvoCunt” online, Eric’s usual act appears to consist of him dressing up as a sort of camp commandant in cream-white suit and red, peaked militaristic cap like a Nazi milkman, before leading tour groups around public buildings talking scheisse through a loudspeaker in a totalitarian effort to “#queerallspaces.”

…Eric the Dead?
Whilst conservative German politicians loudly objected to Eric’s attempts to queer his local library and the infants it contained, anyone hoping to portray such disapproving rhetoric as the prelude to genocide is rather stymied by the fact that the left-wingers who actually hold institutional power in Germany are clearly using public funds to actively promote transgenderism to the public at large, not suppress it. I don’t remember the Nazis funding any “Jew-Time Story Hour” as a precursor to gassing them all.

Except…a conspiracy theory of my own forms.

What if, in their infinite cunning, the Goebbelses of Germany today are deliberately funding the likes of Herr Big Clit to act like total ProvoCunts before our increasingly disgusted eyes not to increase public tolerance of trannies, as they claim, but instead to make everyone normal absolutely despise a small group of mentally ill people to whom they had never previously given much real thought at all?

That would be the best way to make the general public hate these self-obsessed and selfish individuals so much they actually do end up wanting to kill them. And maybe that is how the process of trans mass murder actually begins…

How long before a new state-funded German Drag Queen emerges with the subliminally suggestive stage name Jenna Cide?


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