March 13, 2015

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When did blacks become a bunch of old ladies clutching their pearls and fainting all over the place? “€œOwe my lowde,”€ they say in their angora cardigans and blue-tinted hair, “€œSomebody across the country used the most horrendous verbiage.”€ They”€™re like British aristocrats in Victorian England. Only, they”€™re not. We”€™ve created this mythical version of African America and some of them just can”€™t resist playing the role, especially when they”€™re being egged on by sobbing, white liberals.

This week some “€œhorrific“€ footage of fratboys singing, “€œThere will never be a nigger at SAE”€ and “€œYou can hang him from a tree / But he”€™ll never sign with me”€ was unearthed to a gob smacked American public. After denouncing this behavior, Sigma Alpha Epsilon house mother Beauton Gilbow was exposed online singing, “€œNigger, nigger, nigger.”€ The chapter was shut down and the perpetrators expelled. Hundreds of students gathered to protest what CBC News called an “€œugly reminder“€ that racism is “€œalive and well today.”€ On Hannity, the extremely black Leo Terrell said “€œshame on you”€ to the equally black Deroy Murdock for not crowbarring the incident into a discussion about Selma. Larry Wilmore used the same phrase. The University president called the whole thing “€œdisgusting“€ and the boy’s parents used “€œdisgusting”€ in a letter describing how ashamed they are. A black frat at the school called the chant a “€œsong of hate“€ and scheduled performer Waka Flocka Flame canceled his show claiming he too was “€œdisgusted.”€ You might remember Flame as the guy who was jailed for violating his gun possession parole after eight teenagers were shot at a 2010 show in Gary, Indiana. Despite his background, the man behind the song, “€œFuck Nigga“€ is very sensitive to frat chants with racial epithets sung to the tune of “€œIf You”€™re Happy and You Know it.”€

“When did blacks become a bunch of old ladies clutching their pearls and fainting all over the place?”

MSNBC claims Waka Flocka’s lyrics are part of the problem but I like the song “€œFuck Nigga.”€ So do millions of white people. About 75% of rap fans are white. Us Gen-Xers grew up with gangsta rap and in a sea of thought policing, it seems to be the only uncensored music left. Trinidad James”€™ “€œAll Gold Everything”€ sold over 500,000 copies to mostly white people and lyrics such as, “€œDon”€™t believe me just watch”€ and “€œPopped a molly “€“ I”€™m sweating”€ are so entrenched in the common lexicon, they”€™ve reached tattoo status (yo, KP). In between these lines, James sings, “€œnigger, nigger, nigger”€ which is what Beauton Gilbow was quoting in her controversial clip. Don Lemon was one of the few to notice this. The reason someone recorded her repeating those lyrics is because it’s a ridiculous situation. The “€œrapping granny“€ is an old comedy trope by now. The impetus for the frat chant was the same. It’s like drawing a penis on a passed out guy. Politically correct liberals have made racism so taboo, it’s freeing to joke about it when you”€™re drunk and partying with a member’s only group. Does anyone in this country doubt for a second black frats have chants that are just as bad?

Black songs abound with anti-white sentiment. Back in the 1960s, when Little Richard sang, “€œFunction at the Junction”€ he made sure to include the lyrics, “€œThe only devil in here is a devil-may-care.”€ Whites didn”€™t cry and demand apologies. They danced their asses off. It’s a great song. White devils still manage to avoid clutching their pearls decades later when Paris raps, “€œThe devil made me do it”€ or MC Ren says, “€œJesus wasn”€™t white like the lying devil told you”€ (both great albums). Are we saying blacks need shame parades for the same flippant stupidity that whites brush off they shouldas?

The only thing rappers today talk about more than evil white people is “€œniggas.”€ Three Six Mafia have a song that starts out with the word “€œNigga”€ a couple dozen times and when I heard the frat mom rap, I thought she was repeating Flava Flav’s “€œnigger, nigger, nigger”€ from Fear of a Black Planet. Spotify lists eight different artists with the song, “€œFuck that Nigga.”€ Yes, I realize it’s different when blacks say it because they”€™re taking back the word and not speaking from a position of privilege etc. The point is, blacks are allowed to be rude and whites are allowed to be offensive. This language isn”€™t nearly as hair-whitening as we”€™re all pretending it is (that just reminded me of the MC Ren line, “€œThe kinda shit that turn your baby’s hair gray / so you pray”€).

The funny thing is, the PC left has made the rap we love so taboo, simply reciting it in public is a sin. Could a white person ever sing Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “€œ1st of tha Month”€? It’s a romantic love song to leisure that starts with, “€œWake up, wake up, wake up it’s the 1st of the month / Get up, get up, get up so cash your checks and get up.”€ This brutal honesty and uncomfortable language is what rap is all about so let’s stop being so sanctimonious about swear words. The chant is not indicative of a real life threat and blacks can handle it. They”€™re tough. We weave a tangled web when we try to pretend they”€™re uptight old ladies.


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