Jeannie DeAngelis

Jeannie DeAngelis

Jeannie DeAngelis is a frequent contributor at American Thinker, Breitbart's BIG Government, BIG Hollywood and BIG Journalism, as well as Renew America, the Daily Caller and Pajamas Media. Jeannie DeAngelis is a wife, mother and grandmother, has worked in higher education for 25 years, authors a blog at, and loves exercising her First Amendment rights by writing political commentary from the conservative perspective.

Acting Foolish in Public…for Peace

Despite the fact that we’ve given peace several chances only to be repeatedly disappointed, there’s always some wide-eyed new group willing to give peace yet another chance. Hence we have Pennies for Peace and Pinwheels for Peace, the latter a movement where participants “imagine…whirled ...

Share the Wealth but not Your Blanket

The left finally has a poster boy for the “Occupy” movement, and his name is Shawn Coleman. He encapsulates the liberal “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine” mentality fostered by a president who continually prods the nation toward sacrifice while ensconced in the lap of ...

Barack Obama

Obama’s Bevy of Latina Lovelies

Does Barack Obama have a thing for Latina chicks or what? First there was the famous salsa at Fiesta Latina at the White House with Mexican singer/actress Thalia. The usually cool Obama got so heated up you could almost see the steam rising as he danced his way back to his seat. The president ...

Rahmbo: Shape Up or Fork Out

An Israeli ballerina-turned-Mayor of Chicago is now demanding that Windy City workers participate—willingly or not—in a wellness plan. If those on the city payroll refuse to register, they’ll pay $50 a month as a penalty for not choosing what Rahm Emanuel, a big believer in the right to ...


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