R. Cort Kirkwood

R. Cort Kirkwood

Adolescence: A Heresy

For about the last 150 years, American parents have infantilized teenagers by refusing to let them make decisions. As is usual when society turns in the wrong direction, it wasn"€™t average Americans who created the problem. Rather, the experts created it"€”and the problem is the imaginary ...

Honor-Killings, Islam, and Christendom

The Koran is explicit on the subject of disciplining women in general and wives in particular, as critics of Islam, former Moslems in particular, observe. And while the Koran may not suggest "€œhonor killing"€ per se, Islamic societies and culture, as well as its men, have absorbed its sacred ...

Cowards, Bullies, and Killers

American society has descended from one that whelped men who threw punches if a woman heard the lame profanity of a drunken lout, to one that whelps men who watch their women suffer rape and murder. How did we come to this pass? The answer lies in the steady stream of propaganda from the feminist ...


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