Mark Derian

Mark Derian

Mark Derian is a founding member of Cock Rock Magazine and co-host of The Brazen Heads podcast. He sees his awesomeness in other people and in himself. His website is Animus Empire. Follow him on Twitter @animusempire.

The Future of Chinese Is English

Joseph Campbell suggested as a matter of fact that Westerners do not consider the Chinese to be people. It’s why the Chinese have a portrait of Mao hanging from one “Gate of Heavenly Peace,” and we get our pictures taken in front of it like it’s the Parthenon. It’s why Mao’s regime is ...

Bill Murray

The Gen Y Mascot

If your finger's on the pulse of the Internet, you know that Bill Murray is adored by everyone born after 1976. We love him not just for his carefree, arrogant movie persona but for how this persona seems to spill over into his real life. The actor has become infamous for showing up at random ...

Bursting Gen Y’s Bubble

Generation Y grew up in a bubble of PC feel-goodery that cushioned them from the monster of reality. As a member of Gen Y, I received first-hand experience with this bubble. It gave us a participation award when we sucked at sports. When we were fat, it told us we were big-boned. When we were sad, ...


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