Mark Derian

Mark Derian

Mark Derian is a founding member of Cock Rock Magazine and co-host of The Brazen Heads podcast. He sees his awesomeness in other people and in himself. His website is Animus Empire. Follow him on Twitter @animusempire.


The Future of Chinese Is English

Jan 31 2018

Joseph Campbell suggested as a matter of fact that Westerners do not consider the Chinese to be people. It’s why the Chinese have a portrait

Cultural Caviar

Bill Murray

The Gen Y Mascot

Jul 18 2012

If your finger's on the pulse of the Internet, you know that Bill Murray is adored by everyone born after 1976. We love him not

Cultural Caviar

Bursting Gen Y’s Bubble

Dec 23 2011

Generation Y grew up in a bubble of PC feel-goodery that cushioned them from the monster of reality. As a member of Gen Y, I