Steven Tucker

Steven Tucker

Steven Tucker is a UK-based writer with several books to his name. His most recent two, Nazi UFOs (Frontline/Pen & Sword) and The Saucer and the Swastika (Amberley) debunk the bizarre and comical story of how modern-day neo-Nazi cults invented the lunatic lie that Adolf Hitler secretly invented UFOs.

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand

Diversity Training

Please Don’t Carry On, Cleo

Netflix’s new pseudo-documentary Queen Cleopatra has now finally been released, having drummed up loads of free publicity via the simple expedient of misleadingly casting a black actress in the role of Cleo herself, thereby implying she was less ...

Adjoa Andoh

Diversity Training

The Balcony Scene

I didn’t watch King Charles III’s coronation because, with its much-trailed emphasis on “diversity,” I knew it wasn’t really aimed at me but at the likes of Adjoa Andoh, the black actress best known for anachronistically playing Lady ...

Bizarro World

Another Brick in the Hole: Tetris-Sexuals

The new Tetris movie, available now on Apple TV+, is by all accounts pretty good, for a film about obscure 1980s business deals relating to an old videogame about rearranging falling bricks into a cohesive wall until such a point as they reach the ...


Money for Nothing: Reparations and Riots

When I was at school, a girl was caught under a desk at the back of a classroom one day, lining up schoolboy all-comers to hand them out blowjobs at the ridiculously low, low price of only £1.00 a go ($1.25 at current exchange rates). Upon hearing ...


Dylan Mulvaney and the Barcode of the Beast

Is the appearance of the fashionably mutilated face of Dylan Mulvaney on limited-edition cans of Bud Light a sign of the imminent End Times? The launch of the preening celebrity tranny’s recent controversial beer-sponsorship campaign came a mere ...

Winston Churchill, Glasgow 1918

Bitch, Please!

All Queer on the Western Front

Today, 24 April 2023, marks seventy years since Winston Churchill got down on one knee and allowed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to dub him into a “Sir”—but was the true queen here actually Winnie himself? Churchill’s reputation has taken ...

Afternoon Delight

Happy Happy Meals Day, Mein Führer!

The third week of April, as always, sees two of the most significant red-letter days of the year—National McDonald’s Day, on 15 April, and the birthday of Adolf Hitler, on 20 April. As usual, I celebrated by heading toward the nearest ...

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Culture Clash

Bashing the Bishops: An Easter Sermon

According to Percy Bysshe Shelley, poets like him were the unacknowledged legislators of the world; nowadays, that role has been usurped by left-wing comedians. That is the only conclusion to be drawn from the recent meeting between the Archbishop ...

Bill Cosby


A Big Fat Mess

During a recent BBC/Showtime documentary about TV’s funniest rapist Bill Cosby, controversy was sparked by the comments of one of the talking heads, the self-described “superfat queer bisexual non-binary [sex] therapist” Sonalee Rashatwar, who ...

Racial Politics

Redefining Racism (In a Highly Racist Fashion)

A teacher I know was once accused by a black mother of teaching her daughter appalling racist slurs in class. The angry parent complained that her little girl had come home the previous evening full of excited yet obscene talk about how all ...

Harry, Duke of Sussex

All About Me

Abnormality: The New Normal

In his recent livestreamed interview with Hungarian-Canadian “toxic trauma therapist” Dr. Gabor Maté, besides crediting the ingestion of the hallucinogen ayahuasca with “cleaning the windscreen” of his tiny little mind, professional mental ...

Frans Hals’ Laughing Cavalier

Diversity Training

Big Black Brotha Is Watching You

In Douglas Murray’s 2019 book The Madness of Crowds, the popular conservative author revealed something strange about the Google Image results when he typed the phrase “European Art” into the wholly unbiased search engine in question. The ...

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