Cultural Caviar

Rothschild Ball, 1962

When We Had Balls

Dec 03 2013

I recently sat down with a friend of more than fifty years, Reinaldo Herrera, and was filmed while lunching by Graydon Carter, the editor of


Simon Wiesenthal

The Turkey Who Cried Wolf

Nov 28 2013

Here's a funny coincidence. Just as Netanyahu is hyperventilating against the interim deal Uncle Sam has struck with Iran in Geneva, a poster campaign by


Jean Gabin and Arletty

The Art of the Comeback

Nov 26 2013

Is there anything better for Christmas than a bit of a laugh? Well, a visit by, say, the blonde CIA agent in Homeland would be

Knock Off

Life in the Olive Republic

Nov 06 2013

Like all proper banana republics, the Olive Republic of Greece has jailed some elected members of Parliament and charged them with criminality, as obscure and

Cultural Caviar

James Toback and Alec Baldwin in Cannes

Last Tango in Baghdad

Oct 27 2013

James Toback is a very intelligent screenwriter and director who discovered Harvey Keitel and also turned Mike Tyson into an actor of sorts, mostly playing

Cultural Caviar

Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs

Bobby Rigged

Oct 03 2013

A man whose reputation rivals that of the Clintons"€™ for dishonesty and lies recently claimed overhearing a conversation by a gangster confirming that Bobby Riggs

Cultural Caviar

Valhalla for the Inarticulate

Sep 03 2013

Cicero was a wise human being who wrote that a man with a garden and a library has all he needs. He also said that


Democracy’s Dhimmis and Dummies

Aug 21 2013

There is no doubt in my mind that we wish our destruction. What else could it be? An Elders of Zion plot? Hardly. They would

International Affairs

Dubai, UAE

What the Middle East Really Needs

Jul 31 2013

If I hear or read one more American hack mentioning the word “democracy” regarding Egypt and the Middle East, I swear on Joe Biden’s hair-implanted

Cultural Caviar

When Summertime Seemed Endless

Jun 26 2013

Why is it that summers used to last so much longer back then? School would be out in early June and by the time the

Cultural Caviar

The Evolution of Bad Tennis

Jun 23 2013

A first-round loser at Wimbledon this year will receive $35,000 for showing up even if he defaults before the first ball is struck. Back in

Cultural Caviar

Eddie Ulmann

A Farewell to Bunky

May 30 2013

The only man I know who belonged to more gentlemen's clubs than Eddie Ulmann was the late Bobby Sweeny of amateur golf fame, who once


The Real Terrorists

Apr 29 2013

I write this during the weekend that finally saw the end of those two dreadful Chechens who were described by many newspapers"€”starting with the Times,


Tony Blair and George W. Bush

The Three Stooges of the Iraq War

Mar 31 2013

OK, the tenth anniversary of the worst foreign blunder Uncle Sam has ever committed has come and gone, but the post-invasion headlines remain the same:


To Be or Not to Be in the EU?

Mar 13 2013

Oh, to be in England! The weather is bad, the cities are crowded with bearded Pakistanis, and the law shields foreign criminals from being deported


Cary Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio

Gatsby Gets Shot Again

Feb 18 2013

Hollywood is having one more shot at Gatsby"€”the sixth one. The first filmed Gatsby was silent, pun intended. My favorite was the second, made in

PC World

Sweeping Gay Marriage Back Into the Closet

Jan 28 2013

In a tiny hamlet next to where I live high up in the Swiss Alps, two gay friends of mine have set up house, and

Cultural Caviar

USS Liberty

Pin the Tail on the Subhuman

Jan 23 2013

On the brilliant summer's morning of June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty, a technical research ship lying in international waters about 25 miles north of

Cultural Caviar

Maureen Dowd

Major Irritants of 2013

Jan 14 2013

New Year's resolutions work only for bores and ambulance-chasing, money-grubbing lawyers. Normal people do not and cannot stick to them. Hence I will list for

Cultural Caviar

The Beginning of the End of Empire

Jan 07 2013

It began late in the afternoon of March 13, 1954. The great Battle of Dien Bien Phu had finally begun. 105mm and 75mm howitzers and

Cultural Caviar

America’s Exceptional Gun Violence

Dec 21 2012

Is America exceptional? Once upon a time, hardly anyone dissented from the idea that the USA was different from all other nations. The "€œexceptional"€ sobriquet

Culture Clash

Sour on the Saudis

Dec 10 2012

Saudi Arabia will not have Uncle Sam to kick around much longer. This is the best news I"€™ve heard since both the Governor of New

Beau Monde

Joe DiMaggio

The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant

Nov 21 2012

It was 1948, and the great Joe DiMaggio was injured most of the season. Tommy Henrich and Charlie Keller were in the outfield and a


Valérie Trierweiler

Swingers in High Places

Nov 06 2012

Back in 1840, an Englishman by the name of Alexander Walker wrote a manual by the name of Woman, in which he quoted David Hume


Bernie Ecclestone

Short Man With a Long Reach

Oct 15 2012

Bernie Ecclestone is a gnomish Brit ex-grease monkey. He is my neighbor in Gstaad, the small alpine Swiss village which once upon a time was


Raymond Chandler

A Very Incomplete List of My Favorite Novelists

Sep 24 2012

I stopped reading novels long ago. When those arch-phonies writing magic realism became household words, I dropped out quicker than you can say, "€œRaymond Chandler."€