Cultural Caviar

P.J. O'Rourke

Liberal Indigestion

May 08 2011

Some thirty years or so ago, my friend P. J. O"€™Rourke came to dinner at my New York house with what was then his new

Afternoon Delight

Linda Christian

No Flowers for Charlie Sheen

Apr 26 2011

Gone are the days when I used to wear a tux to go see a Broadway show. These days I feel overdressed wearing a sport

Middle East

The Middle East for Dummies

Apr 11 2011

Let's play the "€œWhat If?"€ game for a minute. What if I had written this column in October 2002 and some eagle-eyed aide to George

Human Rights

Ban Ki-moon

Body-Waxing at the United Nations

Feb 25 2011

Remember the old cliché about someone who is perpetually vacillating between a necktie and an open shirt? Or the one about the man who is

Cultural Caviar

You Can”€™t Wax Lyrically About Brazilian Waxing

Feb 22 2011

When a supermarket's decision to put a modesty shield over a magazine cover featuring Elton John, his male lover, and their surrogate baby attracted a

Cultural Caviar

Rest in Peace, Dear Elaine

Dec 08 2010

The death of anyone well known - especially in New York - invokes more clichés than you know what draws flies in summer. Every obituary