Joe DiMaggio

Beau Monde

The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant

It was 1948, and the great Joe DiMaggio was injured most of the season. Tommy Henrich and Charlie Keller were in the outfield and a young Yogi Berra was behind the plate. But even with pitchers such as Allie Reynolds and Vic Raschi the Bronx Bombers could not catch the Cleveland Indians, led by playing manager-shortstop Lou Boudreau and two future Hall ...

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Beau Monde

Setting the Record Straight on Jackie O

Jacqueline Kennedy’s oral history is now out, as told to the Kennedy courtier cum historian Arthur Schlesinger. In a foreword her daughter Caroline, another keeper of the Camelot flame, says that her mother’s story was told during ...

Southampton Beach

Beau Monde

My Cures for the Summertime Blues

When I was growing up we used to go to Southampton on Long Island during the summer. We also spent time in Italy, Greece, and Switzerland. Of the four, no place stands out as the best, but they are all special in different ways. Most ...

Beau Monde

The Firepower Next Time

England’s cultural rainbow went up in flames last week, and as the smoke clears and the fog stubbornly returns, the experts are once again arguing over exactly how it all started. Few seem willing to discuss exactly how it all ...

Beau Monde

Lees-Milne: Homosexualist

Reading good books is like making love. Reading bad ones is like masturbating. I’ve just read three good ones, one of which got on my nerves because it was about a homosexualist, as opposed to a homosexual. Which in fact the other two ...

Beau Monde

Embrace Prejudice

I do not much care for the obese. Worse, they make me feel nauseous. I dislike their shuffling and snuffling ways and believe them to be slothful, gluttonous, self-indulgent, undisciplined, manifestly unattractive and malodorous. You ...

Beau Monde

Incurable India

Most people told me I wouldn"€™t be the same after my first trip to the Subcontinent. India changes you, they all said. Well, I"€™ve been now, and India was not quite the revelation I was expecting. The culture has been ...

Beau Monde

Freak Friendly

“You know, despite it all, it’s still really a miracle America elected a black man as president,” my 60-something neighbor said to me over beers recently. You get this a lot from people born before 1965. Apparently, ...

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