Cannibalism Among the Oppressed

When big-bootied FLOTUS Michelle Obama was heckled last week by a grizzled lesbian activist who sort of resembles Glenn Beck with AIDS, the entire progressive coalition nearly came crashing to the ground. Mrs. Obama was speaking about somethin’-somethin’ black when the activist interrupted her to start screaming about ...


Dangerous Wild Animals Murdered LIVE on TV!

“Uh, there’s a lion…standing there under the streetlight,” the 911 caller told the Ohio dispatcher. Another caller declared, “I think I’ve just seen one. Looked like a jaguar or a wolf or something.” These lines sound ...

Lymphoma Lime


Twisty Colored Cancer Ribbons for All!

Did you know that four percent of the US population—one in 25 of us—are now “cancer survivors”? This I read in TIME magazine’s current issue, whose cover story concerns what John Wayne called “the Big C.” That means twelve ...


Stéphane Hessel: From Resistance to Indignance

Late last year, a small book by a ninety-three-year-old man unexpectedly reached the summit of France's bestseller list. Stéphane Hessel's Indignez-Vous! (Be Indignant!) sold more than 600,000 copies from October through December, ...


The Obama Flu

Because of the peril of swine flu, Joe Biden said yesterday, he would urge his family to stay out of “confined places” like airplanes and subways here in the United States. Yet, the Obama administration will not consider ...

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