Cristiano Ronaldo

Sports Politics

Political Correctness Is Ruining Sports

It says a lot about the vulgar character of our time that The New Republic would publish an article called “Why Has the World Gone Easy on Cristiano Ronaldo?” The soccer star is under investigation for an alleged rape in the U.S., but Ronaldo hasn’t been charged with a crime, and for all we know, he’s innocent. After all, false rape accusations ...

Babe Ruth

Sports Politics

The Forgotten Leftists

Baseball season reminds us of the identity-politics group that doesn"€™t bark"€”left-handers. Why are certain aggregations of once-persecuted people such as blacks or gays so politically potent today, while others such as ...

missing asset:

Sports Politics

Whose Side Are You On?

In both politics and sports fandom, the fundamental question is: "€œWhose side are you on?"€ Exploring who roots for whom affords perspective on the big questions of who is politically loyal to what, and why. We can use some ...

Sports Politics

Tiger’s Republican Shaming

In professional wrestling, the designated hero in a match is known as the "€œface"€ (short for "€œbabyface"€) and the villain is the "€œheel."€ At the other end of the socioeconomic spectrum, pro golf suffered a sudden ...

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